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The Tomorrows Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   While the artwork is decent the amount negative space of the panel borders is too obvious at times. This could have been fixed by increasing the panel size especially in the "mind beach" scene. Though the amount of detail is amazing including the small detail of a villain bleeding from his nose due to cocaine usage. Said villain has a very intelligent plan involving creating brainwashed killers through apps. However, the writer is a little off in making the villain seem like he is part of the same issue. Mainly this is because the dialogue is thrown out seemingly at random versus spoken with thought. Of course that could be just because the villain is high.


A & A The Adventures Of Archer And Armstrong Issue 3 Review

If you like good adult humor and action in the style of Valiant Entertainment's The Delinquents than you will "bwa-ha-ha!" your butt off reading this series. It has smartly written stupid moments and realistic dialogue in a fantastical real world setting. As for the art it is cartoony in a way that fits the narrative while expertly conducting the story's pace. I'm salivating in my anticipation for the next issue!

    So beyond recommended!

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 26

Mimete is more insane for no apparent reason in the English dub based on this and past episodes. While in the Japanese dub it is obvious that her insanity is due to not being able to distinguish fantasy from reality. Her reaction to the soap opera she watches in this episode is proof of this.

   Speaking of insanity Sailor Uranus's power down reveals her naked backside in both versions. Not to mention that from what I understand she is only two years older than Usagi. So why was this very perverted bit of animation done in the first place? Also why was the cousin change made for Haruka and Michiru and yet this was kept in the original English version? WTH!

   Despite all that I just said I liked the amount of plot advancement done in this episode.

Archer & Armstrong American Pale Ale Opinion Piece 2

Below is my brother and his fiancé's thoughts on the bottled version of Archer & Armstrong American Pale Ale.
The beer had a good "drinkability" in that it was the type of beer that you could have several of and not get sick of the taste.
The medium bodied nature of the beer made it so it wasn't overpowering in any one aspect and created a nice balance. The hops  were noticeable but not to the point where they felt like it was overdoing it.
There seemed to be a slight citrus tinge that was a pleasant surprise.

Overall, we felt this was a solid beer that is a good example of a quality microbrew. My thoughts are that the one night only draft was better for someone who very rarely drinks. Though I have to agree with my brother and his future wife when it comes to the taste of both the draft and bottled versions. However, I think the draft had a slightly nutty taste in draft form which was probably due to the foam.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Glory Be To The Bees Edition

1. Glory #23 is an entertaining take on this rip-off character that intelligently analyzes and rethinks the convoluted history of a certain other warrior.

2. Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Year Two #5 is an amazing love letter to comic fans in a meta-narrative way.

3. Strange Tales #151 (1966) is an okay comic book from the silver age. The story featuring Doctor Strange is more a product of the time than the one featuring S.H.I.E.LD., but both are still worth a read.

4. Hulk #1 (2014) is a good story that sets up a believable mystery. It also adds a retconned in character to the mythos while subtracting nothing.

Ninjak Issue 15 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The first panel of the main story has a grammar/spelling errors in the exposition which immediately took me, and possibly other readers, out of the story. Also both stories seem to have slowed down in pace from where the previous issue left off. Though the main story picks up the pace again during the flashback involving Roku. As for the "Lost Files" story I feel that it needed the slow down to add depth to this flashback story. Finally the art and colors are the kind of quality Valiant Entertainment seems to strive for and re-emerged with back in 2011.

   My Verdict: Recommended, though some may prefer reading it in trade due to the change in pace.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 32 Infinity 6 Three Guardians Opinion Piece

I am still wondering about the both sex and strength thing for Sailor Uranus. Though the unanswered questions from this brand seem to be a reason it is so good. Air of mystery and all that. Speaking of mysteries why did Sailor Pluto word her explanation about her comeback like she did? Just seems like she may have been literal in more than one way. I would also like to know why the split for Cyprine and her partner did not happen with an awesome visual effect. It just seems sort of lacking without some additional effect. Finally I can't believe all of Professor Tomoe's property purchases were 100 percent legal.

Aw Yeah! Comics: The Adventures Of Action Cat & Adventure Bug Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The ending with the monster getting his tooth back is abrupt and slightly predictable. Also this issue's photoshopping of memorabilia seemed like a marketing ploy. Not to mention that it is so glaringly different that it removed me from the story. As for the writing it switches from being good and fun to dumbed down in terms of the dialogue. Due to all these flaws I do not recommend this issue.

Malleable Comedy Heroics Plastic Man Episode 7 Opinion Piece

The mention of Dr. Dinosaur actually paying for postage is a slightly amusing joke. While the bit with Hula-Hula and his friend Joe is cliched from my perspective. Also this first story actually having Plastic Man use his Eel O'Brian persona is cool, and a first for Plastic Man in non-comic media. Though I have to say I think this story should have had a different voice actor for the security guard at the beginning for two reasons: He sounds too thin and like a white guy doing a terrible attempt at a city based accent.

   I think the second story is a little too illogical and lacks a real reason for Plastic Man's involvement. It's just too Scooby-Doo lite.

   Questions! What was involved in order to train dinosaurs to steal buildings? What happened to the dinosaurs after this episode? Are the dinosaurs clones, time-displaced, or from a hidden island? Why couldn't the police track down and capture The Spider?

AMC's Preacher Premiere Review

This is a severely decompressed reimagining of the Vertigo comic series Preacher. It is bloated with too many different locales and unnecessary characters. The comic series was essentially begun as a supernatural road adventure already in progress. This is not the case with this tv series. I won't spoil it but I will say it felt like a waste of time that was more focused on style versus substance. So while I think the basic essence was captured I don't think it is being done right in any other way.

   Not Recommended!

Angel & Faith Season 10 Issue 18 Review With Spoilers

Warning For Spoilers!

  The cover featuring Drusilla and the vampire teens is beautiful in an ethereal sense. It is also very nice for its subdued color scheme. As for the interior story and art they are much stronger than last issue. This is especially due to the fact that the photoshopping is not as noticeable. I especially love Drusilla's reaction to the comment about Spuffy-loving Faith throws at her. Very nicely written dialogue and great emoting by characters. Just to throw the idea out there this series might actually be better as Faith & Fred. While there are some visual flaws still present in Cliff Richards art and Michelle Madsen's colors I think this is worth recommended status.

4001 AD: X-O Manowar Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  While the talent on this book did a good job there is just no real reason for this story to be told. Though it primarily focuses on the initial attempt by various nations to destroy New Japan nothing interesting happens. There is also no explanation of why no psiots or vine are used in the attempt. In fact nothing is really told except what the giant mech suit was made from. I just can't recommend this rather pointless comic.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 25

I get why Professor Tomoe is laughing like a maniac in the original English dub, but there is no real reason for his laughing at the magazine in the Japanese. Though on the reverse side I find it annoying that they took out the poignancy of the Eudial visual reference. Seriously the English version is really lacking this season/series versus what we originally got in Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R. Though I will admit they made the monster more threatening and less sympathetically lame than the Japanese version. Finally I am hating how underpowered the other Sailor Guardians are and how over-reliant the show is on Sailor Moon.

  Questions! Why did they play the romance theme for Professor Tomoe & Mimete? How long can a Sailor Guardian's transformed state last? Whose dumb idea was it to remove this episode's central plot element of dumping on groupies?

Usagi Yojimbo Issue 154 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    The cover while great in terms of depth and line work is slightly generic in poses. Yes, it is good but it lacks an epic feel. This is also true of the story in that though it is good it is rather plain. The reason I state this is because it does not feel like a one and done but like something that will continue the next issue. For example leaving on the female ninja's death without resolving the mission creates a cliffhanger. There is also the factor that the story is contradicted by the promise of a more action-packed story suggested by the cover.

   Finally there are two problems with the interior art. First the lines look thin in places. Second the opening panel has a storm cloud with a lightning bolt that looks somewhat more like a wall of fire.

   So I would not recommend this issue be given to try and get someone into either Usagi Yojimbo or comics in general. However, I think it at least deserves to be recommended to hardcore fans of the character.

Dark Horse's VP Book Trade Leaves Company Press Release Text

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—After twenty-two years with the publisher, Dark Horse’s vice president of book trade sales, Michael Martens, will step down, effective September 1. Michael spearheaded Dark Horse Comics’ expansion in the bookstore market, most recently in association with Penguin Random House Publisher Services. During his tenure with the company, Michael helped Dark Horse to continuously improve sales in the book market. “Twenty-two years after arriving at Dark Horse, I find myself thinking about all the things I still want to do in my life. Creative things, fun things, volunteer things. Things that don’t involve long hours in front of a computer screen and a crazy travel schedule. It is hard to leave a rewarding position at Dark Horse, but it is time for me,” noted Michael Martens. “I want to thank Mike Richardson and Neil Hankerson for trusting me and giving me the freedom to learn the book business while steering Dark Horse into the uncharted waters of returnab…

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 31 Infinity 5 Setsuna Meioh Sailor Pluto Opinion Piece

I really think that Reika's shock is one of the few things that actually works better in the manga for this storyline. This is because I still can't tell what freaked her out! Though for the most part I find the visuals seem easier to understand in motion and color. Also I like how much creepier the possessed Hotaru scenes are due to the addition of what sounds like organ music and the voice acting. It really is impacting me more than the original anime and manga translation. However, I still wish we got a better explanation on the villains' backgrounds and general history.

  Questions! Was the Sailor Pluto or the Sestuna personality in charge when she is spotted by Chibi-Usa? How is Minako awake when she apparently fell asleep in front of table at the same time as Makoto? What is up with the weird eyepiece on Dr. Tomoe? Did Dr. Tomoe have it when he was alive and human? What is the correct form of the Daimons supposed to be? Was the incorrect form supposed to be an int…

Valiant: 4001 AD FCBD Special Mini-Review

The previews and sneak preview material are great on the page selection. Also the in-house title adverts are intriguing, and they each have the added social media benefit of a hashtag accompanying them. However, there is little reason for getting this free title even for potential oncoming readers. Yes, it has an original work inside. However, said work is an overwrought recap of previous information that does not even fit into the series connected to it. Thus I do not recommend even  hardcore fans of Valiant Entertainment pick this issue up.

Faith Volume 1 Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Warning For Spoilers!

   The one problem I have with the book is a stylistic nitpick regarding wishing the lines were thicker on certain parts of Francis Portela's art. Otherwise this is the quality level I have come to expect from Valiant Entertainment. Heck, I think they may have an interesting alternate universe to explore based off the ending to the fantasy sequence in this book. Which I hope they someday explore in a mini-series, series, or original graphic novel drawn primarily by Marguerite Sauvage. Cause Sauvage's work is one arguably one of the main draws of this work. Finally the writing is spot on for all the characters, and very logical.

   Extremely Recommended, especially because it stands on its own while giving a satisfying feeling about the Faith ongoing series being given a number 1 instead of  5.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue 27 Advance Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This comic was almost good and then we get the stupid Bangel vs Spuffy based argument. There is no reason for this argument to even happen, especially so soon into a new go for the Spuffy relationship. Heck, most of this issue has characters talking about avoiding development and responsibility, yet these are old and tired plot points that regress the characters' progress. I honestly don't know if Christos Gage is entirely at fault or if there is more to it.

   Another thing I don't know is why the creative credits on the covers say Megan Levens did the art, but the credit/recap page says different. Though the art and coloring are great this issue is not recommended.

Dark Horse Free Comic Book Day 2016 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

Serenity Firefly Class 03-K64 has competent writing for what is essentially a recap of the show Firefly and the movie Serenity. The quirky way the recap is done is pretty much the only reason besides the great art to even bother with this story. At least if one is not a die-hard fan of the franchise.

Next up is Hellboy in a story about his past set in the year 1954. Very much a one and done that like the Firefly story is for die-hard fans, though other readers might enjoy this as well. Really, it is a pretty standard Mike Mignola written Hellboy story.

 Finally the last story is set in a tie-in to the Aliens: Defiance series and is very confusing for the following reasons: Cliffhanger ending, Being Drop in the middle of an in-progress adventure, new human cast member that may now be dead, and art that is hard to figure out the environmental setting.

   Since this is still free in digital and is two/thirds competent I am giving it recommended status.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Thunderbunny Edition

1. Thunderbunny #3 (1985) A great anthology comic that maybe okay to give 9 and up readers. Also since there are no interior colors, it could be used by non-collector readers, particularly kids, to practice coloring inside lines.

2. Doctor Who: Free Comic Book Day (2016) has epic feeling one-offs in an anthology format.

3. Deadly Class #1 (2014) is a great example of how to do set-up while at the same time bringing a new angle to old tropes.

4. Daredevil: End Of Days #1 (2012) is a good example of where Journalism has been headed. It also shows where Daredevil as a character, and brand, will never go in the regular continuity due to corporate short-sightedness. Finally there is awesome characterization in the art and writing.

4001 AD Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This reads like just the next issue of Rai and that is a little bit of a letdown since it is an event mini-comic. However, the fact that Lemur speaks on several pages is enough of a plus for me to disregard said problem. Also there are dinosaurs, mechs, AI, and several seeds for future stories. Not to mention the mind-blowing art by David Mack & Clayton Crain. Finally Matt Kindt gives realistic dialogue and character development in this issue.

  Very recommended!

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 24

I want to slap everyone that was responsible for making changes for the original English version! Seriously! Besides the obvious mistake of "Coffee" being written on the can that is supposed to be "Cocoa" there is the opening tub sequence ruining the plot. By having the question of "a boy or a girl" at the opening it negates the reason for the main characters' assumptions. Also that tub scene would have been okay if not for the too perverted fight sequence. Too much naked flesh and too little soap bubble coverage. Not to mention there is no justifiable reasoning for the fight.

  Questions! What was the point of killing Kaolinite if she was going to come back in some form? Does this mean that without the deus ex machina grail power-up that the Death Busters are able to constantly resurrect? Why is the grail being overused? Is it a sustained super level thing like Super Saiyan from DBZ in that people have to work at it to avoid a drain? Anyone else …

Angel & Faith Season 10 Issue 17 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!
  While there are several flaws in the art the writing and coloring are decent if not great. Examples of the artistic flaws are: The constant switching between buildings being obvious photoshop and standard drawing. (Though it is not as bad as what has occurred in current issues of Valiant Entertainment's Imperium it is still an eyesore.) Angel looking like he was born with some type of Asian heritage instead of full Irish/European Caucasian heritage is a big mistake. Finally there is the fact that Fred and Faith look too similar at one point after a battle.
   On the plus side Victor Gischler gives a lot of good logical reasons for why characters are acting certain ways. He ties in the cliff-notes version of what was going on with Angel visiting Buffy and the gang during this time via a short video call. This suggests that Angel has grown just a little as a character since he was unable to use a cellphone on his show.
   My Verdict: Almost a good issue, but t…

Malleable Comedy Heroics Plastic Man Episode 6 Opinion Piece

There seems to be a lot of interest in rockets and the moon based on this episode and the previous ones. I don't know whether that was a conscious choice for the show's formulaic side or not. Either way it kinda causes Dr. Dome and Honey Bee to have villainous plans with similar elements to Dr. Irwin/Mr. Meteor and Moonraider. I also don't understand how Plastic Man changed the rocket's course in the 'Diabolical Dr. Dome' story.

   Though I do understand that Plastic Man also should have been frozen by the extreme cold when meeting a disguised Lynx, Dome's daughter. Instead he becomes a hypnotized sled that is not brittle plastic. Doctor Dome and Lynx also should have been able to kill off Plastic Man after stealing his powers, and yet Plas survives and retains some of his powers. Was no one checking the continuity of the script?

    As for the 'Honey Bee' story I am not going to touch it since it is just a lame duck for pointing out dumb ideas. I…

This Damned Band Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The fact that I think the simpler in-story art is miles better than the regular art does not speak well of this issue. While the regular art is trying to be consistent, and on-model, the in-story art actually succeeds. Unfortunately the whole narrative is failing by constantly teetering between serious and completely cartoonish. (I am not going to get into how bad stereotypical french thugs are from a respectability standpoint.) Finally there are sprinkles of plot development with one or two bits of character development to actually make this slightly entertaining.

   My verdict: While I do not recommend this issue I will say it is better than the previous issues.

The Goon Library Volume 1 Review

There are several kinds of art flaws including pages that are drawn sideways instead of up and down. Also there is an instance of the 180 degree rule being broken when two characters switch places without explanation. That being said it is a great compilation of The Goon, and multiple introductory essays about The Goon, for those who collect in printed formats. However, whether one is a fanatic about Eric Powell's Eisner winning work or just a casual fan this is not a recommended purchase in the digital format. This is due to the frustration readers would encounter with the sideways pages not turning around on certain apps/devices. In conclusion this is recommended in print and not recommended in digital.

Imperium Issue 15 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  By the second panel the art is takes a down turn in quality. (Though one could say that the summary page starts the down turn with the image from last issue.) For example said panel has a problem displaying non-blurry characters that are farther off. Also we again have two vastly different art styles that just do not work well together. The final visual problem is Lord Vine-99 being so off model that he looks like a knock-off, shrunken copy of the real deal. How did this stuff not get caught by the editing staff? Finally there are the two writing problems. First the dialogue is a bit clunky in at least one place. Second the exposition for Palmer makes no sense. This is due to it changing the story from an ensemble to an info dump of a character study and back to an ensemble.

 Not Recommended!

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Unannounced Updates Edition

1. The Punisher #1 (2016) is a pretty generic Punisher story. However, Marvel management forgot to tell consumers that they have de-aged Frank Castle. They have apparently also given him what appears to be the Netflix incidental family death origin, as evidenced on the summary page.

2. The Class Of 2064 story from New Talent Showcase #3 (1984) has some art flaws, and this last chapter of the arc cannot stand by itself narrative. Also there is the problem of dating something that is only 80 years ahead of the publishing date.

3. The Forever Amber Story from New Talent Showcase #3 (1984) rushed pacing and several plot points dropped for no reason.

4. Atlas Comics' Phoenix #1 from 1975 has contradictory and illogical story elements. For instance the "evil" aliens believe telling humans that they are holding hostage that they will destroy Earth soon is a good pacifying tactic. Yet they are contradicting this by even holding the human hostage. Also they show the power to mess…

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 30 Infinity 4 Haruka Tenoh Michiru Kaioh Sailor Uranus Sailor Neptune Opinion Piece

Why are they play the opening music differently, and possibly with a different singer? Also why is the ending animation, and for that matter the music, totally different after just a few episodes? Not saying they are not still good just that they are abrupt changes.

   As for the actual episode it is very good, except for how noticeable Diana is as an underused character. She gets a few lines, but still lacks a real personality. She even lacks a reason for being in the "present" time period. Though she still has stronger characterization than what Viluy got. Also nano-machines probably wouldn't work like they do in this episode without magic. That being said its  still a cool visual effect. Another thing I found cool is how pleasant the violin attack sounded. Finally Ami not only gets more character development when she shows great marksmanship with the pen.

   Questions! Does anyone else think Ami's unseen transformation while diving into the pool was one of the c…

X-O Manowar Issue 46 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   Robert Gill's artwork is much better here than it has been in the previous issues, and worlds beyond the somewhat scratchy work found in Book Of Death. However, I this issue make me think that Gill needs to improve a bit on musculature. An example being one of the final pages in this issue contains Trill and Aric fighting in the air and there is a weird looking back thigh muscle on Aric. That being said the art is high enough quality that the issue is still enjoyable, especially because of its kinetic feel.

  As for the textual qualities I think that while the dialogue is realistic and good it is the lettering that makes it work. This is especially true because of the constant perspective shifts between the vine and human characters. Not to mention that an amazing font is used for the chapter title above the creative credits. Lastly the writing is strongest here due to how logical the character's actions and reactions are in this issue, but it is a litt…

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Who Is That Marvelous Tardis Pilot Edition

1. Marvel Premiere #58 (1981)is a good second part to a two-part Doctor Who story starring the Fourth Doctor. While it works well on its own it is complimented by another good story starring K-9.

2. Renato Jones: The One% #1 (2016) is a good example of using social commentary to drive a story. Very deserving of its mature rating, but not in an excessive way. One to watch for in either single or collected format.

3. FCBD 2016 Oddly Normal Chapter 1 is a great beginning to an all-ages comic. It does not talk down to kids and provides plenty to draw older readers. The exposition used is actually necessary thoughts. Finally there are the beautiful colors and art.

4. Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat #5 (2016) is yet another great issue of a Marvel series with an indie look and feel.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Cotton Carver Edition

1. The Sandman story from Adventure Comics #61 (1941) is almost good but then fails in the logic of its own pseudoscience. When the solution to a metal dissolving ray is to use sand instead of glass, which is basically just transformed sand, then you are failing in logic. Heck, actual strategies like attacking from behind are not even considered. Finally there are too many times in this story of the protagonist just barely escaping certain death.

2. The Cotton Carver, Defender Of Barlunda story from Adventure Comics #61 (1941) is a blatant rip-off of Flash Gordon (which itself was a rip-off of Buck Rogers). Also it has stupid ideas like ramming two flying ships together while immediately skipping the possibility of saving the hostage.

3. The Werewolf by Night story from Marvel Premiere #59 (1981) is almost completely a show while telling comic narrative. It is also pretty generic in terms of plot, and lackluster as far as werewolf stories go.

4. The Doctor Who story from Marvel Premie…

Opinions People Gave Me On Archer & Armstrong American Pale Ale

I gave two bottles of Valiant Comics/Arcade Brewery's Archer & Armstrong American Pale Ale to family friends. They shared with some people and these are the responses they sent back.
“Great full body beer. Good head in the glass but a little bit of an after taste.  More on the bitter side.  A fruity taste but over all would definitely drink And buy this beer.  Good Job!”

“For a pale ale, this is a good beer.  A bit of a bitter after taste though.  Smooth drink without too much of a tangy taste.  Being a beer drinker of ales and microbrewed beers, I would definitely buy this brand.”
“Not my cup of tea, too bitter for a pale ale.  I do like the fruitiness of it and would make a great summer beer.”
“Good pale ale but it does have an after taste (bitter).  Good head once poured and I enjoyed the after taste”.
  I bought them from which shipped them from Chicago's Arcade Brewery to my place. Check your local laws and be at least 21 before visiting the…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 23

I think the bit of animation where Mimete runs away is goofy looking. Of course this is nothing compared to security or the police not being called when she pops out of a store's merchandise. This episode de-escalates the drama too much from where the last two episodes left it. For crying out-loud there is a monster literally sucking face because of a fishing method! Not to mention the sudden materialization of a horse pogo stick that the monster just suddenly acquired. I also don't get why they opened with the "Messiah Of Silence" with tons of dolls surrounding the body she is possessing.
  Overall I did enjoy the plot development in both dubs. Also while I found the Japanese version to be better I think that Ami was cooler about having fun in the original English dub. 
   Questions! Has anyone else noticed that the monster making machine says the monster's name on the screen of the machine? Anyone else think it is creepy that Hotaru compares Chibi-Usa to a do…

Bloodshot Reborn Issue 12 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

There is not a lot that can be said about the art and colors, except that they are some of the best I have ever seen. The art is highly realistic and epic in scope while being enriched by the colors. That being said the writing and sound effects are weak points. This feels like one chapter in a collected edition due to the stall in plot development. Though the dialogue is interesting and the "younger" segments raise questions about this story arc. Finally the sound effects pop a little too much at times. This can make the reader aware that they are reading versus having the illusion of experiencing an action spectacle.

  My verdict: Not exactly a jumping on point but still okay to hand visual learners and action lovers. Also recommended for those who like Bloodshot and decent comics.

Malleable Comedy Heroics Plastic Man Episode 5 Opinion Piece

This episode again has plots that are inane and generic. For example Superstein has been doing research in order to accomplish an evil plan for twenty years. That is just being way too narrow in focus even for a villain. It also raises the question of how he affords his castle and lab equipment, not to mention his servant? Heck, why has his wife stayed with him if he hasn't tried to achieve anything else for 2 decades?

  Though that is nothing compared to how stupid the creators and censors were regarding Dog Master having a human daughter. For crying out loud he is a humanoid dog! I can't be the only one hoping the daughter was either born of two humans and adopted by Dog Master or he was once human. If neither is the case for the possible backstory than...ew!

  Finally I have to say that there is a pattern of Plastic Man and his crew showing varying levels of intelligence based on the situation. For example how they escape the ice cutter in "Dog Master" showed in…

Aliens: Defiance Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning For Spoilers!

The regular cover is a standard horror look for the brand, and thus it probably will please fans of Aliens. As for the Fried Pie // Books-A-Million variant, it feels too mysterious as to what it is possibly saying about the series. While the 30th anniversary variant is too hopeful in tone and bright color palette. The Comic Block exclusive variant cover is arguably the best of the bunch for the following reasons: First off there is the main character's defiant look at the xenomorph alien. Next the contrasting color scheme and overall design. Finally there is the vague sense of hope (hero side) that seems like it will be swallowed up by horror (alien side).

    Now as for the story itself, it is kind of generic and boring due to the lack of more than one relatable character. Yet Zula being the only human character raises the intriguing possibility for a story arcs that explore isolation. My perspective on the art is that it lacks a true wow or shocking moment. …

Usagi Yojimbo Senso Issue 5 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  Other than the giant robot and alien invaders this could have easily been a regular issue of Usagi Yojimbo. This is because the political rivalries and social customs are still at the forefront. Though there are plenty of scenes featuring the previously mentioned sci-fi elements to please those looking for them.

  As for the cover art, it is very epic in design and brilliantly colored. Said cover honestly makes me wish I had the patience to acquire either set of creative skill. Though by comparison the interiors are standard are standard Sakai. (In layman's terms that means they are excellent yet not iconic like the cover.) The pacing is balanced well between the subtly detailed yet kinetic art and the right amount of expositional dialogue. Overall a very accessible and well done issue that I recommend!

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Future High Lands Edition

1. Highlander: 3030 #1 (2015) is a comic published by Emerald Star Comics that is currently free in pdf format (which is why I got it) on It is really only recommended for some fans of the Highlander television show and those who are hardcore fans of the entire franchise. The interiors are heavily cross-hatched, but the writing and visual characterization are decent. Definitely worth a look even if one has to pay the 99 cent regular price.

2. 'Ancient Agreement' from New Talent Showcase #3 (1984) is a little known, but great work. While simple in its telling it is a visually compelling and smartly constructed tale.

3. Also from New Talent Showcase #3 (1984) is 'Ticker Blood' also known as 'Ticker Blood Rides Again.' Basically a psychological "what is real?" story set as a science fiction western.

4. The Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan fiction Hindsight by Toften mainly for the original ideas on how Buffy may age in both body and mind…