Aliens: Defiance Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning For Spoilers!

  The regular cover is a standard horror look for the brand, and thus it probably will please fans of Aliens. As for the Fried Pie // Books-A-Million variant, it feels too mysterious as to what it is possibly saying about the series. While the 30th anniversary variant is too hopeful in tone and bright color palette. The Comic Block exclusive variant cover is arguably the best of the bunch for the following reasons: First off there is the main character's defiant look at the xenomorph alien. Next the contrasting color scheme and overall design. Finally there is the vague sense of hope (hero side) that seems like it will be swallowed up by horror (alien side).

    Now as for the story itself, it is kind of generic and boring due to the lack of more than one relatable character. Yet Zula being the only human character raises the intriguing possibility for a story arcs that explore isolation. My perspective on the art is that it lacks a true wow or shocking moment. Panel layout being very widescreen cinematic and the lone hero aspect could be at fault here. However, it is still very good work in the consistency and use of light/shadow departments. In conclusion I recommend those with even a passing interest in the brand checkout this issue.


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