Angel & Faith Season 10 Issue 17 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  While there are several flaws in the art the writing and coloring are decent if not great. Examples of the artistic flaws are: The constant switching between buildings being obvious photoshop and standard drawing. (Though it is not as bad as what has occurred in current issues of Valiant Entertainment's Imperium it is still an eyesore.) Angel looking like he was born with some type of Asian heritage instead of full Irish/European Caucasian heritage is a big mistake. Finally there is the fact that Fred and Faith look too similar at one point after a battle.

   On the plus side Victor Gischler gives a lot of good logical reasons for why characters are acting certain ways. He ties in the cliff-notes version of what was going on with Angel visiting Buffy and the gang during this time via a short video call. This suggests that Angel has grown just a little as a character since he was unable to use a cellphone on his show.

   My Verdict: Almost a good issue, but the flaws outweigh the good so I do not recommend buying the single format.


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