Archer & Armstrong American Pale Ale Opinion Piece 2

Below is my brother and his fiancé's thoughts on the bottled version of Archer & Armstrong American Pale Ale.

The beer had a good "drinkability" in that it was the type of beer that you could have several of and not get sick of the taste.

The medium bodied nature of the beer made it so it wasn't overpowering in any one aspect and created a nice balance. The hops  were noticeable but not to the point where they felt like it was overdoing it.

There seemed to be a slight citrus tinge that was a pleasant surprise.

Overall, we felt this was a solid beer that is a good example of a quality microbrew.
My thoughts are that the one night only draft was better for someone who very rarely drinks. Though I have to agree with my brother and his future wife when it comes to the taste of both the draft and bottled versions. However, I think the draft had a slightly nutty taste in draft form which was probably due to the foam.


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