Imperium Issue 15 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  By the second panel the art is takes a down turn in quality. (Though one could say that the summary page starts the down turn with the image from last issue.) For example said panel has a problem displaying non-blurry characters that are farther off. Also we again have two vastly different art styles that just do not work well together. The final visual problem is Lord Vine-99 being so off model that he looks like a knock-off, shrunken copy of the real deal. How did this stuff not get caught by the editing staff? Finally there are the two writing problems. First the dialogue is a bit clunky in at least one place. Second the exposition for Palmer makes no sense. This is due to it changing the story from an ensemble to an info dump of a character study and back to an ensemble.

 Not Recommended!


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