In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 23

  I think the bit of animation where Mimete runs away is goofy looking. Of course this is nothing compared to security or the police not being called when she pops out of a store's merchandise. This episode de-escalates the drama too much from where the last two episodes left it. For crying out-loud there is a monster literally sucking face because of a fishing method! Not to mention the sudden materialization of a horse pogo stick that the monster just suddenly acquired. I also don't get why they opened with the "Messiah Of Silence" with tons of dolls surrounding the body she is possessing.

  Overall I did enjoy the plot development in both dubs. Also while I found the Japanese version to be better I think that Ami was cooler about having fun in the original English dub. 

   Questions! Has anyone else noticed that the monster making machine says the monster's name on the screen of the machine? Anyone else think it is creepy that Hotaru compares Chibi-Usa to a doll in the original English Dub? Why did they change the targeted male actor's name in the English dub? Why is Mimete so lame compared to Kaolinite and Eudial?


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