In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 24

    I want to slap everyone that was responsible for making changes for the original English version! Seriously! Besides the obvious mistake of "Coffee" being written on the can that is supposed to be "Cocoa" there is the opening tub sequence ruining the plot. By having the question of "a boy or a girl" at the opening it negates the reason for the main characters' assumptions. Also that tub scene would have been okay if not for the too perverted fight sequence. Too much naked flesh and too little soap bubble coverage. Not to mention there is no justifiable reasoning for the fight.

  Questions! What was the point of killing Kaolinite if she was going to come back in some form? Does this mean that without the deus ex machina grail power-up that the Death Busters are able to constantly resurrect? Why is the grail being overused? Is it a sustained super level thing like Super Saiyan from DBZ in that people have to work at it to avoid a drain? Anyone else originally assume that coffee was being used to create the monster? (Cause I did due to the pacing of this episode.) So Sailor Pluto is from the future? How does that work with Pluto's role in Sailor Moon's second overarching plot?


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