In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 25

  I get why Professor Tomoe is laughing like a maniac in the original English dub, but there is no real reason for his laughing at the magazine in the Japanese. Though on the reverse side I find it annoying that they took out the poignancy of the Eudial visual reference. Seriously the English version is really lacking this season/series versus what we originally got in Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R. Though I will admit they made the monster more threatening and less sympathetically lame than the Japanese version. Finally I am hating how underpowered the other Sailor Guardians are and how over-reliant the show is on Sailor Moon.

  Questions! Why did they play the romance theme for Professor Tomoe & Mimete? How long can a Sailor Guardian's transformed state last? Whose dumb idea was it to remove this episode's central plot element of dumping on groupies?


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