Malleable Comedy Heroics Plastic Man Episode 5 Opinion Piece

  This episode again has plots that are inane and generic. For example Superstein has been doing research in order to accomplish an evil plan for twenty years. That is just being way too narrow in focus even for a villain. It also raises the question of how he affords his castle and lab equipment, not to mention his servant? Heck, why has his wife stayed with him if he hasn't tried to achieve anything else for 2 decades?

  Though that is nothing compared to how stupid the creators and censors were regarding Dog Master having a human daughter. For crying out loud he is a humanoid dog! I can't be the only one hoping the daughter was either born of two humans and adopted by Dog Master or he was once human. If neither is the case for the possible backstory than...ew!

  Finally I have to say that there is a pattern of Plastic Man and his crew showing varying levels of intelligence based on the situation. For example how they escape the ice cutter in "Dog Master" showed intellect. (Even though the timing was sequenced poorly.) While the Penny blow-up doll making it as far as a car ride with Plastic Man and Hula-hula is just dumb on a level I can't understand.


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