Malleable Comedy Heroics Plastic Man Episode 6 Opinion Piece

  There seems to be a lot of interest in rockets and the moon based on this episode and the previous ones. I don't know whether that was a conscious choice for the show's formulaic side or not. Either way it kinda causes Dr. Dome and Honey Bee to have villainous plans with similar elements to Dr. Irwin/Mr. Meteor and Moonraider. I also don't understand how Plastic Man changed the rocket's course in the 'Diabolical Dr. Dome' story.

   Though I do understand that Plastic Man also should have been frozen by the extreme cold when meeting a disguised Lynx, Dome's daughter. Instead he becomes a hypnotized sled that is not brittle plastic. Doctor Dome and Lynx also should have been able to kill off Plastic Man after stealing his powers, and yet Plas survives and retains some of his powers. Was no one checking the continuity of the script?

    As for the 'Honey Bee' story I am not going to touch it since it is just a lame duck for pointing out dumb ideas. I do concede that it is much more coherent and believable than the Dome story. However the animation less interesting than the Dome Story.


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