Malleable Comedy Heroics Plastic Man Episode 7 Opinion Piece

  The mention of Dr. Dinosaur actually paying for postage is a slightly amusing joke. While the bit with Hula-Hula and his friend Joe is cliched from my perspective. Also this first story actually having Plastic Man use his Eel O'Brian persona is cool, and a first for Plastic Man in non-comic media. Though I have to say I think this story should have had a different voice actor for the security guard at the beginning for two reasons: He sounds too thin and like a white guy doing a terrible attempt at a city based accent.

   I think the second story is a little too illogical and lacks a real reason for Plastic Man's involvement. It's just too Scooby-Doo lite.

   Questions! What was involved in order to train dinosaurs to steal buildings? What happened to the dinosaurs after this episode? Are the dinosaurs clones, time-displaced, or from a hidden island? Why couldn't the police track down and capture The Spider?


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