Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Unannounced Updates Edition

1. The Punisher #1 (2016) is a pretty generic Punisher story. However, Marvel management forgot to tell consumers that they have de-aged Frank Castle. They have apparently also given him what appears to be the Netflix incidental family death origin, as evidenced on the summary page.

2. The Class Of 2064 story from New Talent Showcase #3 (1984) has some art flaws, and this last chapter of the arc cannot stand by itself narrative. Also there is the problem of dating something that is only 80 years ahead of the publishing date.

3. The Forever Amber Story from New Talent Showcase #3 (1984) rushed pacing and several plot points dropped for no reason.

4. Atlas Comics' Phoenix #1 from 1975 has contradictory and illogical story elements. For instance the "evil" aliens believe telling humans that they are holding hostage that they will destroy Earth soon is a good pacifying tactic. Yet they are contradicting this by even holding the human hostage. Also they show the power to mess with the planet whenever they want, and yet they don't just get on with destroying Earth.


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