Opinions People Gave Me On Archer & Armstrong American Pale Ale

   I gave two bottles of Valiant Comics/Arcade Brewery's Archer & Armstrong American Pale Ale to family friends. They shared with some people and these are the responses they sent back.

“Great full body beer. Good head in the glass but a little bit of an after taste.  More on the bitter side.  A fruity taste but over all would definitely drink
And buy this beer.  Good Job!”

“For a pale ale, this is a good beer.  A bit of a bitter after taste though.  Smooth drink without too much of a tangy taste.  Being a beer drinker of ales and microbrewed beers,
I would definitely buy this brand.”

“Not my cup of tea, too bitter for a pale ale.  I do like the fruitiness of it and would make a great summer beer.”

“Good pale ale but it does have an after taste (bitter).  Good head once poured and I enjoyed the after taste”.

  I bought them from http://beercellarchicago.com which shipped them from Chicago's Arcade Brewery to my place. Check your local laws and be at least 21 before visiting these sites and buying beer.

Note: I will give my opinion on the draft (which was only available its premiere night) and the bottle versions once I hear back from my relatives, who I gave the last bottle.


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