Recommended Comics List Of 4 Future High Lands Edition

1. Highlander: 3030 #1 (2015) is a comic published by Emerald Star Comics that is currently free in pdf format (which is why I got it) on It is really only recommended for some fans of the Highlander television show and those who are hardcore fans of the entire franchise. The interiors are heavily cross-hatched, but the writing and visual characterization are decent. Definitely worth a look even if one has to pay the 99 cent regular price.

2. 'Ancient Agreement' from New Talent Showcase #3 (1984) is a little known, but great work. While simple in its telling it is a visually compelling and smartly constructed tale.

3. Also from New Talent Showcase #3 (1984) is 'Ticker Blood' also known as 'Ticker Blood Rides Again.' Basically a psychological "what is real?" story set as a science fiction western.

4. The Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan fiction Hindsight by Toften mainly for the original ideas on how Buffy may age in both body and mind, viewing of potential allies, demon cultures, and the expansion on the lie that Spike and Buffy were in a band. (Personally think that last one should be in Season 11 comic series of Buffy, if there is one.) It is also a good Spuffy story seeing regular updates.


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