Recommended Comics List Of 4 Who Is That Marvelous Tardis Pilot Edition

1. Marvel Premiere #58 (1981)is a good second part to a two-part Doctor Who story starring the Fourth Doctor. While it works well on its own it is complimented by another good story starring K-9.

2. Renato Jones: The One% #1 (2016) is a good example of using social commentary to drive a story. Very deserving of its mature rating, but not in an excessive way. One to watch for in either single or collected format.

3. FCBD 2016 Oddly Normal Chapter 1 is a great beginning to an all-ages comic. It does not talk down to kids and provides plenty to draw older readers. The exposition used is actually necessary thoughts. Finally there are the beautiful colors and art.

4. Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat #5 (2016) is yet another great issue of a Marvel series with an indie look and feel.


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