Sailor Moon Crystal Act 30 Infinity 4 Haruka Tenoh Michiru Kaioh Sailor Uranus Sailor Neptune Opinion Piece

  Why are they play the opening music differently, and possibly with a different singer? Also why is the ending animation, and for that matter the music, totally different after just a few episodes? Not saying they are not still good just that they are abrupt changes.

   As for the actual episode it is very good, except for how noticeable Diana is as an underused character. She gets a few lines, but still lacks a real personality. She even lacks a reason for being in the "present" time period. Though she still has stronger characterization than what Viluy got. Also nano-machines probably wouldn't work like they do in this episode without magic. That being said its  still a cool visual effect. Another thing I found cool is how pleasant the violin attack sounded. Finally Ami not only gets more character development when she shows great marksmanship with the pen.

   Questions! Does anyone else think Ami's unseen transformation while diving into the pool was one of the coolest transformation moments in anime so far? How were Haruka & Michiru able to escape detection at the school so long? Anyone else have some trouble with the subtitles going by too fast?


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