Sailor Moon Crystal Act 31 Infinity 5 Setsuna Meioh Sailor Pluto Opinion Piece

   I really think that Reika's shock is one of the few things that actually works better in the manga for this storyline. This is because I still can't tell what freaked her out! Though for the most part I find the visuals seem easier to understand in motion and color. Also I like how much creepier the possessed Hotaru scenes are due to the addition of what sounds like organ music and the voice acting. It really is impacting me more than the original anime and manga translation. However, I still wish we got a better explanation on the villains' backgrounds and general history.

  Questions! Was the Sailor Pluto or the Sestuna personality in charge when she is spotted by Chibi-Usa? How is Minako awake when she apparently fell asleep in front of table at the same time as Makoto? What is up with the weird eyepiece on Dr. Tomoe? Did Dr. Tomoe have it when he was alive and human? What is the correct form of the Daimons supposed to be? Was the incorrect form supposed to be an intentionally generic look in order to give Naoko Takeuchi an easier time? Why were none of the main cast of heroines transformed before reaching the green house ambush? How come Sailor Jupiter needed to smell the alien plant's pollen to know what it was?


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