4001 AD Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   If there is a weak point in this issue it is the art for the propaganda fairytale about New Japan's history.* It just seems slightly out of place in the different style and design sense versus the rest of the issue. However, that does not mean it is bad just that it is oddly other. The rest of the art is great quality work by Clayton Crain.

   As for the story I am honestly worried Valiant's staff plans on killing the mentally challenged Lemur, which would be a terrible waste of a fun character. This is slightly foreshadowed in a conversation where Gilad gives a downer of a pep talk. Which happens after the weirdest figurative Bloodshot/X-O Manowar team-up in the form of Rai controlling the giant armor made from a bit of Shanhara. So while there is emotional weight to this possible death it is the first that I have truly dreaded Valiant allowing. Otherwise this is a much better second issue of a kind of non-event event.


  *Note: Yes, there was another weak point in a "d" being partially missing. Yet I can't fully guess at the reasons why this happened so it seemed unfair to fully expound upon it.


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