Buffy: The High School Years Freaks & Geeks Graphic Novel Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  The villains very much seem to be season one in threat level. Also despite being original one-off characters they feel well-crafted. Though the way that they get turned on to trying to take Buffy out is very hard to believe. In regard to Buffy and the regular cast they are deftly handled by Faith Erin Hicks. All of the dialogue feels like something they would say if played by the actors. Yet the plot slightly dips in to season two or three emotional/metaphor territory with Buffy's self-doubt issues.

   As for the art the interiors are only truly flawed in the limited kinetic feel and the horrible rendition of Cordelia Chase. The former is most obvious in a panel showing Xander and Giles from one of the library scenes. While the latter is one brief sequence of panels showing a version of Cordelia Chase who has apparently had botched plastic surgery. Despite these two problems the rest of the art is mostly decent and enjoyable. (Though the PDF scans I got from Dark Horse Comics looked off in a fuzzy way.) Finally the cover art is very eye-catching with great use of colors and realistic proportions, and in my opinion feels slightly gender-neutral.



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