In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 28

   This episode was one I thought was going to be pointless and it half is and half isn't. One reason it isn't is the moral that sickly kids should still have hope and aspirations. I think that is just awesome that they did this in a season/series that has had a lot of negatives, such as the perverted moments. Another thing I liked is the three active outer guardians figuring out more of the Hotaru mystery. Finally I think it is funny that Mimete would have succeeded if not for the monster's concern for Hotaru. (Since the monster was sports based I assume it had some sportsmanship in its character.)

    As for what I think makes this episode pointless is the following: The Twister competition being done for a world record which can't be broken because nobody but the baddies is witness to it. Whoever directed the original English voice actress for Mimete to moan like she is aroused during the painful looking, and too long, Twister scene. Lastly Uranus, Pluto, & Neptune literally allowing Mimete and the Monster to attempt to escape. Beyond lazy and stupid writing on that part!

  Questions! Why are they not using Uranus, Pluto, & Neptune in a more active role? How come Mimete does not know Hotaru is the one she is supposed to give the crystal? What is up with Kaolinite being so horrible to Hotaru? Is Rei's Grandpa ever coming back?


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