In The Name of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 29

   Whoa! Whichever artists worked on the Lion and the teleporting Penguin have my respect cause that is impressive work. Oddly I am also impressed how creepy Professor Tomoe mouth is at the beginning. It looks almost unhinged.

   As for my preferred dub for this episode I have to pick the Japanese version. Mainly because the dialogue is better, and Professor Tomoe is just silently doing gag stuff for most of the episode. The changes that the initial English dubbers made are really unnecessary, with the exception of Ami's explanation for what happened to the house. I think said explanation is much better for the less scientifically inclined viewer.

   Questions! Why does Professor Tomoe not wonder how the Sailor Guardians knew to come to the house? Where was Mimete during all this? How come the professor did not hear Luna and Artemis talking so close to him? Is that a fake eye or a monocle in the professor's right eye socket? What excuse is given for Luna-P to regular civilians?


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