Lobster Johnson: Metal Monsters Of Midtown Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The cover seems a little weak in the line work of Lobster's head. Also it appears a little soft in the coloring. However, the interiors are well-designed, strong in pacing and line work, and nicely colored.

   As for the title and general story concept they are both well-chosen, particularly because of the pulp heritage of Lobster Johnson as a character. He really gets to exhibit the influences of characters like Doc Savage and The Shadow here. Savage in the way that team he has and his ability to somehow acquire a bomb to use against the Metal Monsters. While The Shadow, and similar characters, are always present with the costume, and people being divided between respecting and hating Lobster.

  Finally there are two potential flaws that could crop up depending on perspective of each individual reader. The first is the historical likelihood of a female reporter being put in charge of men in the 1930s that seems similar to our own. This is more of a sticking point for those who can't handle a little narrative license. However, the second is more of a reason to wait for a collected format if one has trouble remembering events month to month with mini-series. The issue ends abruptly, but not so much that I think it fails.

  In conclusion I would have preferred a better cliffhanger ending, but still recommend this issue for anyone who is a fan of comics and/or pulps.


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