Malleable Comedy Heroics Plastic Man Episode 9 Opinion Piece

    'The Maniacal Computerhead' has two jokes referencing other characters. A poster of the Hulk and a fourth wall break Adam West/Batman snub. Both are dated. For example the poster is an example of the 70s & early 80s being a period when DC & Marvel were friendly rival companies versus just rival companies. Heck, I think that the titular villain resembles Uatu the Watcher when he is covered in shadows at the start.

    As for Computerhead's plan it really does not work for me due to how he should be more logical and have more than a remote for a weapon. Also while this is a major step up in quality compared to all the horribleness of the previous episode this episode has one of the stupid moments involving the jet. "For crying out loud!" Why did they have a drop the pilot seats out of the jet switch? That being said I did think this story was of decent quality for the limited amount we have gotten so far.

    Though 'The Hippotist' story is kind of too simple for my tastes. Yeah it is kind of interesting that we get another weirdo villain who has the form of an animal, but it raises two questions in my mind. The first query is regarding to whether the creator had an off-day when they conceived this character, or was there a darker reason behind his conception? Secondly if it was a darker reason has the creator ever acted on whatever "it" is in real life? (Hoping it was just an off-day, or at the least "no!") As for why this story isn't something I enjoyed all I can say is that it felt very paint by numbers.


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