Prometheus: Life And Death Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The interior colors and art look murky. Half the time I can't tell what certain characters' genders are such as when Captain Wearing is first shown.

   As for the writing, the "God" label being used for the giant from the Prometheus movie is kind of odd when one considers how people reacted to him in the Fire And Stone event. Also the giant does not exhibit any traits of a god so why he is thought to be one by the humans is odder still. Heck, I felt his scenes were actually boring due to how he has zero personality to define him. The issue also made me feel like this is a "made for the trade" story arc, especially from how the supplemental material made it sound like this was rushed. Lastly the assistant editor Freddy Miller is incorrectly credited as Freddye Miller.

  My Verdict: While I do like the variant cover art I cannot recommend anyone buy this issue. However, I do think that this issue may have been rushed so I am hoping it gets better with the following issues.


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