Recommended Comics List Of 4 Micro Human Edition

1. Uncanny Inhumans #9 (2016) is a bit of a character study on Reader who is a blind character. It has very good art and writing.

2. Fighting Yank #2 (2002) has several flaws, but there is enough good parody and fun to leave a lot of readers with a smile. Also includes a black & white reprint of a golden age Fighting Yank story.

3. Howard The Duck #8 (2016) has a beautiful regular cover that certain aspiring artists could learn from. Also the writing shows how to mix tonal highs and lows. Finally the story is a good one.

4. Bitch Planet #6 (2016) has some great articles in the back of the issue. However, the story has a trigger warning so I suggest that mature readers be wary. Adults only recommendation.


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