Sailor Moon Crystal Act 36 Infinity 10 Infinite Upper Atmosphere

  Mistress 9's mouth looks so weird with that toothless drooping smile! It kind of creeps me out more in this anime versus the manga. Speaking of differences I feel the colors and motion helps the story to be a more clear narrative versus the black & white stillness. I like the manga so don't think I am trying to bash it, but I had trouble in these last acts of the "Death Busters" arc.

   Question! Why are most of the Sailor Guardians powers not able to be taught or used to heal? How can a planet become a foreign star system? (This was one of the flaws in the narrative of this series.) Is the second Moon Chalice a wish based creation of the first? What is up with Mamoru's apparently sudden ability to transform into his masked persona? It just happens with no previous explanation.


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