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4001 AD Shadowman Number 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The summary and story suggest more potential stories down the road that may, or may not, happen in our literal and figurative lifetimes. As for this comic's story it is arguably the best Shadowman tale from the current incarnation of Valiant Entertainment. Mainly because it presents a fresh science fiction meets supernatural take on the basic concept. Also it is arguably more accessible than the opening of the Shadowman series that Valiant Entertainment launched in 2012. While the design consistency of all the characters could be better the vast majority of the art is still amazingly imaginative. For example the Deadside pig guy. The only major flaw with the story is the internal monologue of the lead character sounding different from the external dialogue.


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In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 33

It is really dumb that this episode plays what I have termed the "sad death violin music" for Vivuly's death scene. She didn't earn it in the slightest! Though it is kind of funny how her body disappears in a way that reminds me of Chromo Trigger. Another thing that is seemingly out of an RPG video game are the Hotaru bits, especially when she and the chair disappear. However, every dub of this episode has the flaw of Chibi-Usa waiting for what seems like an hour at least in front of Hotaru's house. This sucks the logic right out of the episode more than everything that involved the nano-machines.

   Questions! Does Usagi's present day mom & dad actually have siblings? Why is Luna-P absent for most of Chibi-usa's moments in this season/series? Did the Tomoes' Neighbors ever wonder what happened to them after a long enough time of the Tomoes being absent?

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Seasoning Each Season Of The Year Edition

1. Birthright #17 (2016) greatly deepens the backstory. It also reminds those who read the letters section from the first issue that this is a tale in the vein of The Goonies.

2. Power Man And Iron Fist #6 (2016) explores police brutality while commenting on superhero versus superhero event fatigue.

3. Fantastic Four #213 (1979) has a few flaws like a boring first page of text. However, it has a great battle involving Galactus versus another cosmically powerful foe.

4. Doctor Strange #60 (1983) has great art in a well crafted Dracula versus Doctor Strange and others story.

Malleable Comedy Heroics Plastic Man Episode 13 Opinion Piece

Up until the very end of both stories this whole episode is very decent, especially for a cartoon series from the late 1970s/early 1980s. I will admit the jail breaking of the de-activated Computerhead and The Clam makes no sense. The former should have been dismantled after his first defeat and the latter somehow travels in a stationary fish tank. Still that pales in comparison to some problems I have seen in other shows. As for the second story it is arguably better than the first, even though The Weed returned in the first story.

   Questions! Has the running joke of Hula-hula's old friends/informants being easily found grown on anyone else? Who was at fault for the Plastic Man voice actor doing such a bad job voicing Half Ape?

X-O Manowar Issue 47 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  While the first few pages provide some information on The Torment they were already shown in X-O Manowar Annual 2016. This hurts the perception of confidence Valiant Entertainment's staff has portrayed as having in their titles. Also the art still looks slightly sketchy for these specific pages. However, Robert Venditti effectively uses said pages to lead into the main story.

   The main story has impressively clean and strong line work, and a beautiful color palette. Yet the characterization is slightly thrown off by Joe Bennett's apparently different design of Aric's face. Another thing that kind of dents the story is none of the characters catching on to The Torment's questioning tone to everything they say.

   Recommended status, but just barely.

Lobster Johnson: Metal Monsters Of Midtown Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   Like the first part of the story arc this issue is obviously "made for the trade." Though one can pick up this issue alone and still enjoy a good comic. As for why it is a good comic I would say the strong line work, the dark and light coloring, and great visual and text based characterization. The dark and light coloring is best exemplified by just the right amount of black and brown being used. While the dialogue seeming realistic, and yet pulpy, is the example for characterization. In conclusion this is a recommended comic.

    Recommended Status!

Rai Issue 14 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    There is more depth added to the mythology of the Rai lineage and the oppression of the Positrons.  In fact there are still Rais before the protagonist of this issue's story that only make cameos, thus creating foreshadowing for future stories. These two elements are combined with great visual characterization and dialogue to create a rich narrative. Finally said narrative works as a standalone jumping on point and a fine addition to the ongoing narratives of 4001 A.D. and Rai.

    Recommended Issue!

Thoughts On The Upcoming Power Rangers Movie

At the moment I am reserving full judgement on whether I think this upcoming movie will be good or bad. This is mainly because we have yet to see any official footage of the movie. It is also due to the fact the first two Power Rangers movies released to theaters kind of failed to tell a good story. While I liked them as a child I, and I think all 90s Power Rangers fans, eventually realized there are glaring flaws within them. Though nothing is truly flawless I feel this could be a good reboot of the Power Rangers brand set in what I consider an alternate movie universe.

Flashback Review Doctor Strange Issue 50

This issue of Doctor Strange's original title is an unusual 50th by today's standards. The reason it is unusual is because of it is not being double-sized or really an event in anyway. That said it has great art and writing even though the issue has an odd opening and cover that negatively affect some of the framework. However, the negatives are essentially nullified by the epic implications of the last page. In conclusion this is a recommended comic, especially for those looking for magic use that has no cost.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 32

The changes made in the original English dub make the ending severely less epic than in the Japanese dub. Also Usagi, Mamoru, and Chibi-Usa kind of seem cruel based on the dialogue changes when the plant is killing Tellu. On the plus side this ending made me realize that I have never asked the following two questions: How sharp are Tuxedo Mask's roses? How are they made to be that sharp?

  (The reason this entry is so short is because I think the other talking points I had have been covered by others.)

Jack The Ripper: Hell Blade Volume 2 Review

This manga is thin on plot, character motivations, and just any real narrative. It is compared in its summary to the series Hellsing and that is only true in that this series is a pale imitation of the other. For example almost any volume of Hellsing gives enough detail of what is going on, while this manga does. As for the art it is generic in the designs of the monsters and Sherlock Holmes looks like a young Yaoi character. There is just nothing worthy of recommending here.

  Not Recommended!

Neil Gaiman and his Forbidden Brides Dark Horse Press Release

Beloved comic writer Neil Gaiman returns to "Forbidden Brides" MILWAUKIE, Ore., July 14, 2016—Dark Horse is excited to announce Neil Gaiman (Sandman) is returning to one of his darkly complicated short stories in Neil Gaiman’s Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Secret House of the Night of Dread Desire. Originally published as a short story in Gaiman’s collection Fragile ThingsForbidden Brides has been adapted by Shane Oakley into a stunning hardcover graphic novel. Gaiman’s most recent graphic novel, How to Talk to Girls at Parties, debuted at number three on the New York Times bestseller list. This haunting example of satirical gothic literature tells the story of a writer struggling to compose nonfiction on a dark, stormy night. Wishing to create serious stories about frail women in white nightgowns, mysterious bumps in the night, and the undead rising to collect old debts, the author is unsuccessful because of …

Divinity II Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This issue uses pseudoscience in the form of time traveling backwards to explore the nature of reality in the form of a verbal and physical battle. However, it feels like only half of a debate is coming from Divinity & Divinity 2. Yet this is a minor problem on par with the lettering flaw on the summary page. Neither breaks the issue, but both exist. As for the art it feels a little loose in sections of the running scenes, but is still beautiful work. Finally the coloring really helps hold the issue together.


Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 And Herbie Came With Edition

1. Fantastic Four #209 from 1979 starts out with awesome potential then quickly becomes a mostly lazy filler issue.

2. Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #62 (1994) also starts out fine, except in this case it quickly devolves into "what is this bleeping piece of bleep" level of quality?

3. Hellblazer #164 from 2001 simply does not ring true to me due to how John Constantine, a bisexual character, interacts with obvious bigots.

4. New Mutants #86 circa 1990 has phoned in dialogue, no real transitions for shifts to different settings/locations, an ill conceived plot, and terrible art.

Bounty Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This issue is a tiny bit confusing regarding how the set-up is presented. Though the art, basic concept, and all aspects of the characterization make this sci-fi tale work. The art style is described in the issue to be pulled from certain anime styles, but I see some potential J. Bone, Dave Bullock, Darwyn Cooke in the line work and faces. In conclusion this may be a title non-western only comic book fans should make an exception for and all others should give a try.


Recommended Comics List Of 4 Versus Match Doctored Edition

1. Doctor Who Event 2016: Supremacy Of The Cybermen #1 (2016) presents a brilliant set-up for a new adventure while staying connected to the events of series 9 from 2015. It also seems very accessible for rookie Whovians and non-Whovians.

2. Nick Fury VS. S.H.I.E.L.D. #2 (1988) features a great spy on the run conspiracy sequential story. Also it is some of Bob Harras's best work.

3. Nick Fury VS. S.H.I.E.L.D. #3 (1988) has one of the best covers of the series and furthers the story greatly.

4. Nick Fury VS. S.H.I.E.L.D. #4 (1988) is a weaker issue than the previous two, but only by a small margin. Still worth picking up for fans of the Super Spy concept.

Bloodshot Reborn: Bloodshot Island Director's Cut 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!  

  On the plus side this uncolored director's cut adds a deeper understanding, and possibly a deeper appreciation, of Mico Suayan's style. However, there is not a lot of reason to buy this issue unless you are a serious fan of Bloodshot, Valiant Entertainment or any of the professionals involved with creating this issue. Even the pages featuring the script and Jeff Lemire's sketch of Deathmate are not that big a draw. That all said I do recommend it if special editions are something that interest you.

Bloodshot Reborn Issue 14 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  If Khari Evans combined his photoshopped images with his drawn art like this I would not have a problem. The only problem is this is Mico Suayan doing art chores. However, Mico brings his A game to this issue. Also bringing their A game are Jeff Lemire, Dave Lanphear, and David Baron. In fact I can only complain about nitpicks I have with the issue, and the main one is just that that I wouldn't be surprised if Deathmate will be revealed to be Magic. Yeah we saw a "memory" of her being shot in the last issue, but I think we will see her again based on the mention from Book Of Death: Bloodshot.

  Things I am looking forward are what other Bloodshots might show up and who decided on their nicknames. Really hoping for a Bloodchimp that loves to wear make shift fezzes.

  Recommended Issue!

Malleable Comedy Heroics Plastic Man Episode 12 Opinion Piece

The villain of the main story Kitty-Katt is kind of more awesome than Catwoman. My reasoning is she actually has cat eyes while being a human, mystical knowledge, and in her first outing almost wins the day. In fact the only reason she doesn't win is due to plot contrivance. I also think the second story's villain Captain Peril is awesome for having a small car he named "The Peril Mobile." These two are up there with The Weed from the first episode and Snowflame from the comic TheNew Guardians.

  Also these two stories had some great bits of art and/or animation, especially in the first one. Finally  I have to ask if the rest of the episodes will be close to this good when Baby Plas comes into the picture?

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 31

I oddly enough prefer the English dub over the Japanese simply because it has a more balanced script. What I mean by "balanced" is that the original English script has more levity to go with the dour moments. Even the musical atmosphere of the Japanese is decidedly dour. That said the Japanese dub found on Hulu had better sound effects. Finally both raised the following two questions in my mind: If Mimete had so much intelligence hidden beneath her superficial nature than why did it take this episode to showcase it? Case in point the makeshift taser she uses on the guard. Why did Tellu not allow Mimete's jumbo screen self to take on the scouts before pulling the literal plug?

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Why Just Why Edition

1. The Punisher: Origin Of Micro Chip #2 (1993) is the last issue of a limited series and it ends on a cliffhanger. Not to mention the Punisher is barely a guest-star in a series with his name at the start.

2. The Punisher: Origin Of Micro Chip #1 (1993) has art that makes me want to barf it looks so bad!

3. Micronauts #24 (1980) has more words than needed. Also some of the art looks wonky. Finally there is exposition on the action while showing said action.

4. Bringing back a character that died of something like aids. Yeah they are fictional, but it just is in bad taste.

A & A: The Adventures Of Archer & Armstrong Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This issue leaves readers, or at least me, with three big questions: Why does the naked giant Bacchus have nothing to censor in the crotch department? What will come from the twist at the end of this arc? (Which I am not revealing because it is awesome and a reason this is a recommended read!) Finally what happened to Davey The Mackerel?

   On the whole this is a very funny story that has few artistic flaws. The flaws that exist are little things like Armstrong missing toenail outlines on one foot while both feet are bare and one has them. Finally I recommend this issue and the eventual collected arc for the realistic dialogue, intelligent lowbrow jokes, poignant moments, and cartoonish visual style.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 38 Infinity 12 Infinite Journey Opinion Piece

This act is much better animated with music than silent and still like it was in the manga. I mean using the theme song during Usagi big comeback moment was pure genius! While I have no questions and not much more to say I will conclude with the fact that I am looking forward to the next season. Wait! We are getting a fourth season right?

Leaving Megalopolis Surviving Megalopolis Issue 5 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The other dimensional incursion, super villains, and possibly possessed former heroes, along with various other plot threads and points, creates a mess of a comic. There is one issue left and I have less of an idea what is happening than I did before the first issue. Not to mention the art mistakes like Crimson Shadow's disappearing/reappearing body hair or his friend's hand looking weirdly shaped. Finally there are lettering mistakes such as on the summary page and a general layout problem with the last page.

  Not recommended

The Witcher: Fox Children Issue 3 Review

There is too much red on the cover, especially on the buildings. So much of the same color makes the cover art top heavy and ugly. However, the rest of the cover is fine in the colors chosen. As for the interior work it is well done in the medieval gothic fantasy style of the game. If there is one problem with the narrative it is that a few words could be taken out to create a more realistic text. In conclusion this is a recommended issue.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 37 Infinity 11 Infinite Judge Opinion Piece

I feel that the previously shown footage at the beginning hurts the epic ending of the previous episode. Though I understand that it had to be done for those who may have forgotten what happened for various reasons. Another thing I do not like the fact that Sailor Saturn twirls the glaive like crazy and seems to know certain things she should not know. For example she knows what attracted the fictional invaders to Earth.
  As for things I did like: The guitar playing in the audio. Sailor Moon's sudden plan and how she enacts it. Finally all the visual effects.
  Questions! What are the sparkles at the beginning of the opening theme song sequence? Why does Sailor Saturn not have a similar yet slightly more grim costume design?

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 30

The first English dub has very wooden acting, especially during the night time meeting between Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune. While I think that is due to poor direction I don't think it is the only reason the Japanese version is better. I believe the major unnecessary changes in dialogue completely screw up the whole plot of the season. For example they make it seem as if the Silence and Saturn are the same entity and that Sailor Saturn works for the Death Busters/Heart Snatchers. That is very annoying. However, I think the initial scene involving the main heroines and Chibi-Usa is bad in both dubbings due to the constant switching of subjects.

    Questions! Anyone else notice one of the Sailor Guardians almost says "Scouts" instead of "Soldiers" in the original english dub when they are first confronting the monster? How did this episode not get flagged by some censor in either the United States or Japan due to the fact that the Daimon looks like she is abou…