Bloodshot Reborn Issue 14 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  If Khari Evans combined his photoshopped images with his drawn art like this I would not have a problem. The only problem is this is Mico Suayan doing art chores. However, Mico brings his A game to this issue. Also bringing their A game are Jeff Lemire, Dave Lanphear, and David Baron. In fact I can only complain about nitpicks I have with the issue, and the main one is just that that I wouldn't be surprised if Deathmate will be revealed to be Magic. Yeah we saw a "memory" of her being shot in the last issue, but I think we will see her again based on the mention from Book Of Death: Bloodshot.

  Things I am looking forward are what other Bloodshots might show up and who decided on their nicknames. Really hoping for a Bloodchimp that loves to wear make shift fezzes.

  Recommended Issue!


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