In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 33

    It is really dumb that this episode plays what I have termed the "sad death violin music" for Vivuly's death scene. She didn't earn it in the slightest! Though it is kind of funny how her body disappears in a way that reminds me of Chromo Trigger. Another thing that is seemingly out of an RPG video game are the Hotaru bits, especially when she and the chair disappear. However, every dub of this episode has the flaw of Chibi-Usa waiting for what seems like an hour at least in front of Hotaru's house. This sucks the logic right out of the episode more than everything that involved the nano-machines.

   Questions! Does Usagi's present day mom & dad actually have siblings? Why is Luna-P absent for most of Chibi-usa's moments in this season/series? Did the Tomoes' Neighbors ever wonder what happened to them after a long enough time of the Tomoes being absent?


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