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Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This issue starts off with the potential for greatness and then turns into a turd. For example a man possessed by supernatural forces outruns Lara, and possibly runs a small distance on water. While this would be fine, because of supernatural possession, said man is wearing flip-flops. Even possessed an out of shape man in flip-flops should not be able to outrun Lara when she is wearing boots and they are in a jungle/swamp.

   Piled onto this problem is the disconnected moments between the text and visuals that is most clearly shown during a later chase. The second chase has a moment where Lara and her friend from the first issue mention something they did not witness and thus should not know. Said chases are also the majority of the issue so nothing further is really established. In conclusion this is as badly put together as the Boris Karloff version of The Mummy.

  Not Recommended!

Malleable Comedy Heroics Plastic Man Episode 17 Opinion Piece

This episode is a solo segment of the series from after Baby Plas (the original son of Plastic Man) was introduced. Despite the concept of a scientist using pseudoscience that mixes chemistry and ingredients from outer space make a Plastic Ape this episode is boring. It just does not go for full blown absurdity. In fact the three established main characters seem to act out of character in a plot first way. Simplified this means Hula screws up less, Plastic Man is less of an idiot savant smart aleck superhero, and Penny is just used to save the day. Finally the comedy is either set-up but not paid off or punchlines with no set-up, thus boring.

4001 AD Warmother Number 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    Tomas Giorello brings some smooth line work and consistent proportions to this one-shot. Though I think Fred Van Lente and Tomas swipe a little too much from the Mad Max franchise, but I can honestly say that this comic is still its own thing. It also features a range of earthy hues that go well with the different colored fonts.

   That all said it has the major flaw of "The Beginning..." non-starter cliffhanger. So I am left to conclude this may be the last we see of Warmother as a title character. In my opinion that sucks because I actually like this version (not certain if it is the same Warmother from Unity) and think there is potential to explore what happened before and what happens next with this character.

  Overall this is a simplistic story that will be of interest mainly to fans of post-apocalyptic futures and the civilizations that inhabit them.

  Recommended Status!

Lobster Johnson: Metal Monsters Of Midtown Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The "To Be Continued!" cliffhanger ending of this series was foreshadowed it could have been done slightly better. In other words some additional foreshadowing could have been put in the second issue. However, the rest of this issue is a masterpiece in both sequential art and pulp storytelling methods. The former methods are shown in elements like the use of shadows and small movements having incredible kinectic energy to them. While the pulp methods are shown by the natural feel of transitions and Lester Dent's idea of "things keep getting worse for the heroes." In conclusion this is a very recommended comic.

  Very Recommended status!

Divinity II Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  I think the best of this issue's line work is in the book pages that are displayed during the last of the fight. Also though the rest of the art is great there are a few minor bits that I believe could have been inked better. As for the colors, I think that David Baron did an excellent job on keeping things consistent and melding them to the design changes. Regarding the writing Matt Kindt did a decent job making the fight multi-layered. Finally Kindt and the art team provided a great cliffhanger for the next chapter in the Divinity saga.


In The Name Of the Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 37

I don't get why we got several memorable final battles in the first two seasons/series and nothing for this Season Moon S.  While there is the movie and the last episode left for me to see, and write about,  I have little hope for something great. The reason for this is because this episode is the most pointless filler I have yet seen in an anime. Sure things like Dragon Ball Z devoting an episode to Goku and Piccolo failing driving lessons have been pointless but they were at least fun. This episode is not fun nor does it resolve any plot threads in a satisfying way.

   Questions! Was this season/series running ahead of the manga publication's writing? Why was the Purity Chalice/Holy Grail transformation treated so poorly? What was the point of Uranus and Neptune physically fighting their princess? How come Haruka and Michiru continued to act like they knew and were better than the rest of the Sailors after the big battle? Does/Did this season weaken the "girls/women c…

Generation Zero Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  I have no idea what is going on with Fred Van Lente or the editorial staff at Valiant that caused this issue to open brilliantly and then fail to be sensible. The art, coloring, and lettering are all amazing and give the book its quality. (Even though Monica Jim does not look tall enough at the kegger.)
However, the writing ranges from offensive to simply unrealistic. For example the idea of Donald Trump being a legend, or in this case "An Urban Legend," makes the wheelchair bound teen seem moronic in a "how is she breathing?" type way. Also this issue makes light of cutters, bullying and threats of school shooting. Finally the opening plot is just a thinly veiled mixture of The A-Team and The World's End.

  My Verdict: It is strongly not recommended for the above reasons and the fact that Fred Van Lente and the Valiant staff have done better in the past.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue 30 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   I am fine with the magic council made up of various species, including the demon lobbyists, except for the fact that Riley is on it. He was always shown as doubting in magic even in that one episode of Season Six. So that is a misstep that hopefully will be fixed or explained in some way. Though I did like the Spuffy moment and choice of venue at the meeting.

   As for the conclusion of the fight I think it is rushed and stupid. It is stupid due to Buffy, the most veteran of slayers, crying during a final battle with the season's Big Bad. In short she is acting out of character in that scene. Also the bad guy trying to make a deal reminded me of the horrible Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie. Finally I feel this season (at least the latter half) has been rushed and this issue shows that with how compressed everything is.

  My Verdict: Not Recommended unless you want some BTVS Dracula jokes or some ideas for fan fiction scenarios.

  Hoping Season 11 turns out b…

Sequart's Book on the British Invasion's Big Three In Comics Press Release


Sequart’s Book on the BRITISH INVASION’s Big Three is Now Available

Sequart Organization is proud to announce the publication of The British Invasion: Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, and the Invention of the Modern Comic Book Writer, by Greg Carpenter.

Moore. Gaiman. Morrison.

They came from Northampton, West Sussex, and Glasgow, and even though they spoke with different dialects, they gave American comics a new voice – one loud and clear enough to speak to the Postmodern world. Like a triple-helix strand of some advanced form of DNA, their careers have remained irrevocably intertwined. They go together, like Diz, Bird, and Monk… or like Kerouac, Burroughs, and Ginsberg… or like the Beatles, the Stones, and the Who.

Taken individually, their professional histories provide an incomplete picture of comics’ British Invasion, but together they redefined the concept of what it means to be a comic book writer. Collectively, their story is arguably the most importa…

Dark Horse Enters Self-Help Market In 2017 Press Release

Dark Horse to Publish Mark Perez’s “How to Win at Life by Cheating at Everything” MILWAUKIE, Ore., (August 25, 2016)—Dark Horse is proud to announce it is branching into the self-help book market with How to Win at Life by Cheating at Everything by Mark Perez (AcceptedCoach). Scott Shaw (The FlintstonesCaptain Carrot) lends his Emmy Award–winning illustration skills to the Hollywood screenwriter’s debut illustrated prose book, a humorous how-to for burgeoning criminals. The satirical novel follows the adventures of one of the most notorious con men in the United States. Jonathan Dough (an alias, of course) relates to Perez stories from his turbulent upbringing and entertaining adulthood. In addition to the personal tales, Dough also shows how to commit crimes and pull off successful cons. The result is an in-depth and fascinating explanation of the glorious world of grift, the science behind scams, and most importantly, how to be a successful criminal. Mark Perez explained his dec…

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Scarring Hulk Edition

1. The Incredible Hulk #601 (2009) has a main story with a major continuity problem with the in shadow cameo of the Scarlet Witch. Also both stories are kind of lacking anything memorable or exciting. Finally both stories are definitely made-for-the-trade.

2. Ghost Rider #1 (1990) makes me wonder how this series lasted as long as it did when there was so much wrong with this issue. Almost as bad as several issues of Youngblood.

3. Speaking of which Youngblood #3 circa 1995 is a headache inducing pile of dreck. Also it is a poor example of temporary gender swapping characters.

4. The Black Canary story "Knock 'Em Dead Part 4" from Action Comics Weekly #627 (1988) makes no sense if one lacks knowledge of the previous parts. Nor is it well drawn/inked/or colored.

In the name of the moon it will be blogged Sailor Moon S episode 36

This episode is anticlimactic in both in both the original English and Japanese dubs. In fact if the manga had presented things this way then I don't think this franchise would be iconic. Not to say that other iconic shows don't have low points, but this is still very disappointing.

      On the plus side I am closer to seeing how good or bad the second Sailor Moon movie is compared to the first.

     Questions! What was the silence actually supposed to be? Did Mistress 9's predecessors have any say regarding the succession of the title of mistress? Was Pharaoh 90 responsible for these supposed mistresses deaths? What was this series baddies' civilization like?

Recommended Comics List Of 4 To Mars We Went Edition

1. The 2002 collected edition of Atmospherics published by Avatar Press features good writing by Warren Ellis. It also has impressive visuals from the hand of Ken Meyer Junior. Finally the afterword by Warren Ellis is a treat for fans of his.

2. Green Lantern/Superman: Legend Of The Green Flame (2000) is a fun "lost" 1980s Neil Gaiman script that actually got to see publication as this comic many years later.

3. "Campaign Against The Flash" from All-Flash Comics #13 (1943). It is one of the earlier Keystone City based Flash stories. As for the visuals everything is on model, nicely paced and cohesive with the text. This story can be found in printed form in 100-Page Super Spectacular Vol. 1 DC-22.

4. Action Comics Weekly #604 (1988) is another very enjoyable installment in this anthology series.

4001 AD Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  Let's focus on the stupidest contrivance in this event's plot first: Lemur's unneeded death and how it comes about. While it was foreshadowed last issue (and I was hoping they would not do so) Valiant Entertainment did allow Matt Kindt to waste what was essentially a possible male version of Zephyr/Faith. While Lemur did not have any fan following that I know of he share with Faith the similarities of a non-standard form and great optimism. The fact that he was killed like a lot of women/children/non-white/mentally challenged etc. often are in comics is horrible. Add in the lack of explanation of how this mentally challenged character is able to have located, and arrived so quickly at, Rai and Father's confrontation and you can see why this is stupid.

  Speaking of Rai's battle with Father, Kindt rushes to it while throwing away a lot of the tension from the previous issues at the start of this one. He even gives the protagonists a huge amoun…

Malleable Comedy Heroics Plastic Man Episode 16

I think the story "Plastic Mummy Meets Disco Mummy" is a little contrived and on the whole has several flaws, but it does win the day in terms of having the most fourth wall breaks. Not to mention some of my favorite quotes and visual gags are in this story. Thus I am a little mixed on whether to say this is a relatively decent story or just something that is watchable due to its lightheartedness.

  The second story "City Of Ice" is also lighthearted, but less contrived. Though this one is just watchable and simple, It isn't even memorable unless one counts how the characters go off-model due to line work errors.

  Overall I think these two stories are up there with the initial story "The Weed."

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Future Punk Foxes Edition

1. Doctor Who:The Twelfth Doctor Year Two #8 (2016) breaks some rules of telling a story in a visual medium. Yet I think the only real flaw is the double page spread that is on its side. Very great visuals and writing nonetheless.

2. Action Comics Weekly #603 (1988) has something for everyone with good art and intelligent characters.

3. Action Comics #621 (1988) is another great issue of a weekly attempt at Action Comics.

4. Alterna AnniverSeries: Character Guide (2016) is a great introduction for those looking for different indie comics and/or creators. Also it has a similar style as the character bios from DC's 1980s editions of Who's Who.

A & A The Adventures Of Archer & Armstrong Issue 5 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The lettering is fine except when certain extreme visual actions like shouting happen. There just seems to be a disconnect in the intensity between the letters and the actions. As for the art and writing they are great. Though I do think Rafer Robert's writing had three weak points. The first is the story title being "THE DATE GUEST-STARRING FAITH" when it would be less clunky for it to be "WITH" instead. However, that is a bit of a nitpick much like how quickly Rafer Roberts wrapped up the search for Armstrong's wife. Though I am hoping there is a reason in the following issues for why the search seemingly only took place within the space of two whole days. Finally Roberts made Faith act out of character by not giving even a partial explanation to the cops who she seems on good terms with.

   My verdict: Recommended since it is a great issue overall and I think both Archer and Faith fans will enjoy this issue.

Barry ManOfDestiny Cannon Guest Post Press Release/Bio

This is Barry "Manofdestiny" Cannon
  The first album he bought "The Art Of War". Always on a lyrical tip using metaphors, similies, and complex ideas. Crafting songs about passion, love about of hip-hop, social justice, having fun, sometimes just spitting that real raw about his skills, etc. . . In 2016 opening up for krayzie bone was a dream come true. With over 20 shows under his belt Man of Destiny is on the come up.
 Notice from Rip: The above guest post is part press release and part bio written up by Barry who is a pal of mine I offered exposure to. Check out the attached link for his LP.

Aliens: Defiance Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    This issue shows a little improvement on character and plot development, but not in a way die-hard Aliens fans might want. What I mean is that the title is still a bit of a misnomer since there has been little seen of the infamous Xenomorphs. So said plot and character development has felt somewhat unearned even for a made-for-the-trade style tale.

   Going back to character development there is now an odd suggestion of the one human possibly being attracted to the synthetic marines' leader. While said leader is now the last of the synthetic marines still on the protagonist side of the story. That development causes a problem in the ending. Said problem is because the art and writing give us a message from the evil corporation. Said message is confusing in terms of its placement in the layout and what it says.

  Finally we have yet to see the other female human that was shown in Dark Horse Free Comic Book Day 2016.

  Not Recommended!

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 35

This episode's original English dub is horrible, except for the lack of the annoying laugh from Germatoid that is present in the Japanese dub. There are too many unnecessary deviations from the original (Japanese) script in the original English dub. Though both have the annoying hand that grabs Usagi. Said hand should have either left some bruising cause of the roughness or been used to attack the other scouts. Just seems like a waste. Finally I think Sailor Moon Crystal and the Manga are way better than this part of the season.

  Questions! Does anyone else think Mistress 9's moans in the original English sound too sexual in tone? Why did Uranus, Neptune, & Pluto decide to approach the baddies base by Helicopter? Why did the main Sailor Guardians not use Sailor Teleport before reaching the base?

Faith (Ongoing) Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   Oh dear multiverse, thank you for putting this glorious comic book into this dreadful universe. At least that is what I would say if I was one for prayers. Seriously this may be the most well-balanced first issue of any ongoing I have read in this lifetime. The only possible flaw I found in the review pdf is a colorless panel during an actual sleeping kind of dream sequence. Though I believe this may have been an intended design to suggest Faith awakening to her alarm clock. Finally the big reveal at the end really signifies how idolizing others can be bad for one's life.


Angel & Faith Season 10 Issue 20 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The opening could be less abrupt. At the same time said opening is written well enough that it barely keeps it from made-for-the-trade status. On a related note I am of the opinion that Victor Gischler's dialogue along with the plot are the strengths of this issue. This is especially true with how he reminds us Nadira is still a slayer. Finally while the art looks a bit random in terms of panel action I think Angel & Faith is beating BTVS Season 10's overarching plot.


Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Supreme Is Not The Word Edition

1. Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #79 (1995) has an almost totally confusing narrative. It tries for surreal and fails at that. Also it is not really a story starring Doctor Strange so much as a story he just happens to be in.

2. Supreme #54 (1997) is one of Alan Moore's failures because he tries to create a musical ballad in the narration. Not to mention the art has too many hyper-sexualized poses. Finally it fails at the outdated writing convention of chapters in a single issue story.

3. The 1988 "Bigger Than You Figure." Candilicious advert that is found in Action Comics Weekly #603 is basically a comic splash page. It is bland, and much like the iconic Super Bowl advert for the original Macintosh titled "1984" it is uninformative.

4. On the flip side of entry three of this edition there is another advert from Action Comics Weekly #603 titled "INFOCOM Presents Lane Mastodon for INFOCOMICS." This time there is decent sequential art, but too much i…

Films That Stole Time From My Life And I Know Suck Third Edition

1. The Last Samurai (2003) is ruin by said Samurai being by simple process of whitewashing...I mean elimination Tom Cruise. Ken Watanabe and his group should have been either the sole or main focus of the whole movie.

2. Big (1988) is fine if you like a story laced with cave opening sized holes. Example the first is the romance is between an adult and someone who is not of age yet briefly becomes Tom Hanks. Secondly the main character has no references, social security number, or proof of identity and thus should not get a high level job. Heck, what is the non-insane sounding explanation for his actual self's disappearance? Finally how does his adult love interest not get arrested for the adult him disappearing after they leave the meeting?

3. Disney's Sleeping Beauty (1959) may have had some technical firsts yet it fails in major ways. The first is the plot hinging on a lack of invite to Maleficent and then the fairies being rude. Later said fairies basically decline to combi…

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Shadowman Ennis Edition

1. Shadowman #1 (1997) is just decent enough as a horror comic to make this list.

2. Shadowman #3 (1997) is arguably the best issue of the Garth Ennis run of this series. It also has some nice bits of horror humor.

3. Torchwood #1 (2016) has a nice set-up, and it is just accessible enough for those who are unfamiliar with the franchise.

4. The AiT/Planet Lar edition of The Foot Soldiers volume one (2001) is one of the best collected non-big two (Marvel/DC) dystopian set superhero stories I have ever read. Very inspirational in terms of how creative it is in both the art and scripting. Also it has very thoughtfully written supplemental pieces.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 34

Still feeling like certain bits of this Sailor Moon S were taken/inspired/swiped from Chrono Trigger.  One example being the setting for the heart snatching ceremony scene looking like Magus's castle fight. Another example is the sudden appearance of the portal leading to the lab being like the time portals.

  As for the actual episode I think it pales in-comparison to the original manga and Sailor Moon Crystal. Not to mention I do not like the bathroom scene involving Usagi and Chibi-Usa, except for the fact that it shows them bonding. Finally Professor Tomoe gets one great line about love and the English dub ruins it with an unnecessary change.

   Questions! Can we get a definite decision regarding if Chibi-Usa is actually a child or 900 years old in a child's form? How many other people hate the original English dub of this storyline more than the hate I have seen for the new dubbing?

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue 29 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The company meeting D'Hoffryn heads seems like something that should have happened sooner. Mainly due to how it disrupts the seasonal story arc's metaphorical eleventh hour. Said metaphorical eleventh hour is also disrupted by the fact that both covers don't really represent the interiors. Finally nothing feels earned including Xander's apparent death and Jonathan's apparently new look and seemingly changed height.

  Not recommended. Though if you are a hardcore fan of BTVS and already have gotten to this point in the series then you might as well get this and the last issue.

Wrath Of The Eternal Warrior Issue 9 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   There is some exciting work done with the visual perspectives in this issue. Mainly when Gilad runs up a wall, which seems to be possibly inspired by Steranko and/or certain pieces of cinema. Unfortunately I do not know who to give kudos to due to the number of artists that are credited. Though I do know that Robert Venditti seems to have a firmer handle on Gilad's personality based on various questionable actions and a single inaction. Finally an intriguing possibility is raised regarding the head baddie maybe being Gilad's son. Which would mean that said son got thrust backwards in the timeline and he has done things to bring about this very odd time loop.


Rai Issue 15 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This issue sets up potential stories in the 4001 A.D. area of the Valiant Universe with the idea of the Rais' Sai and Aboto conceiving a Rai of their own. However, this reads more like a one-shot .with a cliffhanger ending. I believe anyone just reading Valiant Entertainment's current comics via collected edition will be in for only a nice visual experience with this story arc. My reasoning is that Rai #15 is lacking a clear point-of-view and connection to the rest of the story arc. So this issue is not recommended.

Malleable Comedy Heroics Plastic Man Episode 15

The main bit "Count Graffitti Meets Plastic Man" is so bad its good. While "Sale of the Century" has a great concept involving a used car salesman selling the earth to an alien armada it fails in its last half. Both are enjoyable and have clever bits of animation yet neither is an iconic Plastic Man story. Though they do raise the question: Does Plastic Man have any iconic stories? Anyway I think that Count Graffitti has an awesome design and a good enough power that he could be translated to both grim and funny comics easily. However, I will admit he basically is a gimmick villain along the lines of the Tattooed Man.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Sonic Boom Banking Edition

1. Sonic The Hedgehog #284 (2016) starts out nice and accessible and quickly becomes a fast paced thrill ride. Also it is a good ensemble piece for both the heroes and villains.

2. Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #82 (1995) has some flaws in the art but is a decent mid 1990s comic book. This is also something that should be of interest to fans and scholars of Warren Ellis's work.

3. Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #80 (1995) provides a good recap while being accessible for those unfamiliar of what has happened during this series. It was also written by Warren Ellis and has some traces of his writing tropes.

4. Nick Fury, Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D. #7 (1990) is a decent super-spy story in terms of the creative work done on it.

The Witcher Fox Children Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The line work showcases just the right amount of detail, and has a great deal of strength in the precision. Also the art works well with the story to the point that I almost felt immersed in the world of The Witcher. If there is one problem with this issue it is that the first expletive shocked me a little out of the story. However, this problem is less a flaw and more a nitpick considering that the situation the characters are in called for an expletive.


30th Years Of Dark Horse Bundle Sale Supporting Charity Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Milwaukie, OR—Humble Bundle and Dark Horse Comics have teamed up to launch the Dark Horse Comics 30th Anniversary Bundle today. Starting at 11 a.m. PDT, fans of the legendary publisher can pay what they want for over $400 worth of digital comics, all while supporting a great cause. These comics together usually cost as much as $483. At Humble Bundle, though, customers choose their price! Fans can pay what they want for Adventures into the Unknown Archives Volume 1, Aliens vs. Predator: Thrill of the Hunt, Captain Midnight Volume 1: On the RunConan Volume 1: The Frost-Giant’s Daughterand Other StoriesCravan: Mystery Man of the Twentieth CenturyCrime Does Not Pay Archives Volume 1, Cut, Dark Horse Heroes Omnibus Volume 1, Ghost Omnibus Volume 1, X Omnibus Volume 1, Project Black Sky: Secret Files, and SpyBoy Volume 1: The Deadly Gourmet Affair. Those who pay more than the average price will also unlock The Secret, Two Past Midnight, Usagi Yojimbo: Yokai, The …

Ninjak Issue 17 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  Ninjak's dad, father, and mother lived longer before dying than I thought they would. Though I honestly found the deaths of Colin's dad and mother in "The Lost Files" to be a waste of pages. It just didn't add anything to either Ninjak's mythos or the greater mythos of the wider Valiant Universe. Also while the art and dialogue are fine both stories feel like they are only worth a single read.

   Not recommended in my personal opinion, but still recommended for regular readers of Valiant Entertainment's comics.

Dept. H Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The cover to this issue is a rather bland visual. This is due to the massive amount of negative space  and the literal splash of color looking more like a stain than ocean representation. On the other hand the interior work is as good as the previous two issues, except for the writing which has a made for the trade feeling to it. Said feeling came about for me due to the flashbacks and lack of progression to the mystery. Finally I have to disagree with the complaint found in this issue's letter column about the text being too small. Marie's work seems serviceable to me in terms of its size.

  Not Recommended!

  Notice: I did attend a comic creation course with Marie Enger back in college. However, I have had little contact with her since then and I gain nothing from defending or critiquing work she has done.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Sucks To Be Scarlet Edition

1. Marvel Fanfare #58 (1991) has poor plotting and dialogue for both stories. Also there are several cases of broken back syndrome and missing backgrounds.

2. Age Of Apocalypse #1 (2012) has what looks like unfinished art, and it is an info dump of a story that starts in the middle.

3. Shadowman Volume 2 #2 (1997) is okay for a comic yet it is just not something I feel is worth recommending.

4. Disney's Beauty And The Beast #7 (1995) is boring partly because the writing seems phoned in. For example there is an attempt to do audio in the form of "singing" by a character called Mop. Also Beast is jealous of the transformed child named Chip spending time with Belle.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Ho Hi Silverblade Edition

1. Action Comics Weekly #606 (1988) has great installments that shows how to balance maturity while being okay for the 8 and up crowd.

2. Silverblade #1 (1987) is a comic for those looking for a weird origin story. It has great art and is nicely paced.

3. Fighting Yank #4 (2002) main story is a great parody that is perfect for those looking for lots of cameos. The reprinted stories are also entertaining despite both having multiple flaws.

4. The Johnny Quick story titled "The Slowpoke Crimes" from Adventure Comics #129 (1948) still holds up as a good comic. Though it does have a major flaw with the first page not matching the opening text box.

Bloodshot Reborn Issue 15 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  Other than Kozol's nose looking off model at one point there are no real problems with the art. Though I do have a potential nitpick if the last page is actually showing Deathmate's depowered face. Just a little too bland for my tastes. As for the coloring and lettering work both David Baron and Dave Lanphear did excellent work. Finally the writing has great realism in a seemingly fantastical, yet grounded story.

  Very recommended!

Codename: Sailor V Volume 1 Manga Opinion Piece

I enjoyed certain moments in this volume's various chapters, but so far this series pales in comparison to the first arc of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. If Naoko Takeuchi had not done things like seemingly abandoning the idea of Venus having a castle of her own than this could have been the hit series. Though that is mere conjecture on my part, especially cause this volume would still have the problem of too many words.

   Questions! Does Naoko Takeuchi have something against Otakus? Cause she bashes them a lot in this work and a little in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon? Is the "Boss" actually Queen Serenity's memory hologram program? What happened to Minako's feet during her Bikini and Sarong transformation when she is in Greece? Why is Minako's mother such a horrible person? What is the reasoning for Minako and her mother treating Mina's father so poorly?

Lara Croft And The Frozen Omen Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The falconry bit in the opening seems extraneous based just on this first part of the story, but it may be important in later issues. Though the rest of the issue is pretty solid, minus a little clunky dialogue and certain scene transitions being sudden. As for the cover it is epic in terms of the action presented. While the interior art is great in the point-of-views chosen for each panel, and the character proportions are mainly well done.

 A very recommended work.

Malleable Comedy Heroics Plastic Man Episode 14 Opinion Piece

The first story's title "Dr. Duplicator Strikes Again" is a misnomer in that we have never seen him commit a crime before this episode. Not to mention he never literally strikes anyone or anything. Add in the fact that his duplication process requires putting photographs inside what look like giant mutated Venus Flytraps and the whole episode fails in logic. Though I do find it funny how Dr. Duplicator and his assistant look like prototype designs of Dr. Drakken (Kim Possible) and Daria Morgendorffer (Beavis And Butt-head/Daria). Not to mention the fact that the plants can make copies that are fully clothed.

  As for the second story "Thunderman" it just does not work in any way for me. Mainly because Thunderman and his girlfriend/henchwoman either got poor voice direction or just the wrong actors being cast. Also his name should have been Weathercast or Lightning Ring due to how his powers actually work.

  On the whole it was not a totally dismal watch of a …

Angel & Faith Season 10 Issue 19 Review

There are too many dutch angled backgrounds that ruin what would otherwise be fine art. Yes, there are smaller flaws in the art, but they are not as glaringly obvious. As for the writing it relies on talking rather than showing and this causes the plot to stall. Finally the dialogue is unrealistic and at times severely out of character.

 Not recommended!