4001 AD Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  Let's focus on the stupidest contrivance in this event's plot first: Lemur's unneeded death and how it comes about. While it was foreshadowed last issue (and I was hoping they would not do so) Valiant Entertainment did allow Matt Kindt to waste what was essentially a possible male version of Zephyr/Faith. While Lemur did not have any fan following that I know of he share with Faith the similarities of a non-standard form and great optimism. The fact that he was killed like a lot of women/children/non-white/mentally challenged etc. often are in comics is horrible. Add in the lack of explanation of how this mentally challenged character is able to have located, and arrived so quickly at, Rai and Father's confrontation and you can see why this is stupid.

  Speaking of Rai's battle with Father, Kindt rushes to it while throwing away a lot of the tension from the previous issues at the start of this one. He even gives the protagonists a huge amount of backup and then discards that idea in a way that would make Frank Miller (the writer of the inane and nonsensical All-Star Batman And Robin, The Boy Wonder) proud. While I could continue on I don't want to continue bashing someone who's writing has been better on a consistent basis in the past. However, I will conclude with the fact that this script is piss-poor, and it may be simply that he is just getting burnt out from too many projects at once.

  My final verdict: I can't recommend this event in the eventual collected formats due to this very issue, and I think this issue is not worth buying. Maybe the fourth issue will be worth recommending but I just don't know at the moment.


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