4001 AD Warmother Number 1 Review With Spoilers

 Warning Of Spoilers!
    Tomas Giorello brings some smooth line work and consistent proportions to this one-shot. Though I think Fred Van Lente and Tomas swipe a little too much from the Mad Max franchise, but I can honestly say that this comic is still its own thing. It also features a range of earthy hues that go well with the different colored fonts.

   That all said it has the major flaw of "The Beginning..." non-starter cliffhanger. So I am left to conclude this may be the last we see of Warmother as a title character. In my opinion that sucks because I actually like this version (not certain if it is the same Warmother from Unity) and think there is potential to explore what happened before and what happens next with this character.

  Overall this is a simplistic story that will be of interest mainly to fans of post-apocalyptic futures and the civilizations that inhabit them.

  Recommended Status!


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