A & A The Adventures Of Archer & Armstrong Issue 5 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The lettering is fine except when certain extreme visual actions like shouting happen. There just seems to be a disconnect in the intensity between the letters and the actions. As for the art and writing they are great. Though I do think Rafer Robert's writing had three weak points. The first is the story title being "THE DATE GUEST-STARRING FAITH" when it would be less clunky for it to be "WITH" instead. However, that is a bit of a nitpick much like how quickly Rafer Roberts wrapped up the search for Armstrong's wife. Though I am hoping there is a reason in the following issues for why the search seemingly only took place within the space of two whole days. Finally Roberts made Faith act out of character by not giving even a partial explanation to the cops who she seems on good terms with.

   My verdict: Recommended since it is a great issue overall and I think both Archer and Faith fans will enjoy this issue.



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