Aliens: Defiance Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    This issue shows a little improvement on character and plot development, but not in a way die-hard Aliens fans might want. What I mean is that the title is still a bit of a misnomer since there has been little seen of the infamous Xenomorphs. So said plot and character development has felt somewhat unearned even for a made-for-the-trade style tale.

   Going back to character development there is now an odd suggestion of the one human possibly being attracted to the synthetic marines' leader. While said leader is now the last of the synthetic marines still on the protagonist side of the story. That development causes a problem in the ending. Said problem is because the art and writing give us a message from the evil corporation. Said message is confusing in terms of its placement in the layout and what it says.

  Finally we have yet to see the other female human that was shown in Dark Horse Free Comic Book Day 2016.

  Not Recommended!


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