Codename: Sailor V Volume 1 Manga Opinion Piece

  I enjoyed certain moments in this volume's various chapters, but so far this series pales in comparison to the first arc of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. If Naoko Takeuchi had not done things like seemingly abandoning the idea of Venus having a castle of her own than this could have been the hit series. Though that is mere conjecture on my part, especially cause this volume would still have the problem of too many words.

   Questions! Does Naoko Takeuchi have something against Otakus? Cause she bashes them a lot in this work and a little in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon? Is the "Boss" actually Queen Serenity's memory hologram program? What happened to Minako's feet during her Bikini and Sarong transformation when she is in Greece? Why is Minako's mother such a horrible person? What is the reasoning for Minako and her mother treating Mina's father so poorly?


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