Dept. H Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The cover to this issue is a rather bland visual. This is due to the massive amount of negative space  and the literal splash of color looking more like a stain than ocean representation. On the other hand the interior work is as good as the previous two issues, except for the writing which has a made for the trade feeling to it. Said feeling came about for me due to the flashbacks and lack of progression to the mystery. Finally I have to disagree with the complaint found in this issue's letter column about the text being too small. Marie's work seems serviceable to me in terms of its size.

  Not Recommended!

  Notice: I did attend a comic creation course with Marie Enger back in college. However, I have had little contact with her since then and I gain nothing from defending or critiquing work she has done.


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