In The Name Of the Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 37

  I don't get why we got several memorable final battles in the first two seasons/series and nothing for this Season Moon S.  While there is the movie and the last episode left for me to see, and write about,  I have little hope for something great. The reason for this is because this episode is the most pointless filler I have yet seen in an anime. Sure things like Dragon Ball Z devoting an episode to Goku and Piccolo failing driving lessons have been pointless but they were at least fun. This episode is not fun nor does it resolve any plot threads in a satisfying way.

   Questions! Was this season/series running ahead of the manga publication's writing? Why was the Purity Chalice/Holy Grail transformation treated so poorly? What was the point of Uranus and Neptune physically fighting their princess? How come Haruka and Michiru continued to act like they knew and were better than the rest of the Sailors after the big battle? Does/Did this season weaken the "girls/women can be powerful" message of Sailor Moon? Why was Pharaoh 90 never shown in Sailor Moon S? Why was the baby Hotaru given to Professor Tomoe without questions about her age? Was the older Hotaru ever officially declared dead?


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