Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Supreme Is Not The Word Edition

1. Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #79 (1995) has an almost totally confusing narrative. It tries for surreal and fails at that. Also it is not really a story starring Doctor Strange so much as a story he just happens to be in.

2. Supreme #54 (1997) is one of Alan Moore's failures because he tries to create a musical ballad in the narration. Not to mention the art has too many hyper-sexualized poses. Finally it fails at the outdated writing convention of chapters in a single issue story.

3. The 1988 "Bigger Than You Figure." Candilicious advert that is found in Action Comics Weekly #603 is basically a comic splash page. It is bland, and much like the iconic Super Bowl advert for the original Macintosh titled "1984" it is uninformative.

4. On the flip side of entry three of this edition there is another advert from Action Comics Weekly #603 titled "INFOCOM Presents Lane Mastodon for INFOCOMICS." This time there is decent sequential art, but too much information. Said advert is possibly false when it says "JUST HIT THE RETURN KEY, THEN SIT BACK AND ENJOY! Complex computer games from the late 80s didn't really work like that. Finally Lane Mastodon comes off less like a hero and more like a braggart.


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