Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Scarring Hulk Edition

1. The Incredible Hulk #601 (2009) main story has a major continuity problem with the in shadow cameo of the Scarlet Witch. Also both stories are kind of lacking anything memorable or exciting. Finally both stories are definitely made-for-the-trade.

2. Ghost Rider #1 (1990) makes me wonder how this series lasted as long as it did when there was so much wrong with this issue. Almost as bad as several issues of Youngblood.

3. Speaking of which Youngblood #3 circa 1995 is a headache inducing pile of dreck. Also it is a poor example of temporary gender swapping characters.

4. The Black Canary story "Knock 'Em Dead Part 4" from Action Comics Weekly #627 (1988) makes no sense if one lacks knowledge of the previous parts. Nor is it well drawn/inked/or colored.


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