Recommended Comics List Of 4 To Mars We Went Edition

1. The 2002 collected edition of Atmospherics published by Avatar Press features good writing by Warren Ellis. It also has impressive visuals from the hand of Ken Meyer Junior. Finally the afterword by Warren Ellis is a treat for fans of his.

2. Green Lantern/Superman: Legend Of The Green Flame (2000) is a fun "lost" 1980s Neil Gaiman script that actually got to see publication as this comic many years later.

3. "Campaign Against The Flash" from All-Flash Comics #13 (1943). It is one of the earlier Keystone City based Flash stories. As for the visuals everything is on model, nicely paced and cohesive with the text. This 4-parter can be found in printed form in 100-Page Super Spectacular Vol. 1 DC-22.

4. Action Comics Weekly #604 (1988) is another very enjoyable installment in this anthology series.


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