In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 38

   Minako acting horrible to Usagi in this episode made no sense to me. It sort of make me think of superhero vs superhero battles like Marvel's Civil War and Civil War 2 or DC's Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice in terms of stupidity. Seriously there is no reason for her to have a figurative bug up her butt about what Usagi is saying or doing.

   Staying on the subject of nonsensical stupidity the original English dub definitely needed some changes for Tuxedo Mask's lines. This is due to him out-Shatnering Will Shatner (overextended pauses in dialogue delivery) in at least one line. Also he sounds creepy in the future flashback when he said "My Girl" to Chibi-Usa. There are also artistic mistakes like Ami missing her right foot in a scene and obvious animating shortcuts in the fight.

   Finally the most idiotic things about this season/series were: The overpowering of the final monster, and how long it took to crawl to the power-up machine. Everyone but Sailor Moon, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn essentially being useless in every fight. Chiba-Usa and the others not understanding how the future versions of the cast are the same characters just at a different time in life. Lack of Luna-P transformations to explain how Chibi-Usa is attending school. The studying plot-line basically being thrown away. All the pervy designs and moments in this show about late middle to high school age super-powered teens.

  Note: This coming Monday will have the next Sailor Moon related opinion piece due to schedule conflicts this coming Thursday through Sunday.


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