In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Super S Episode 1

  I don't like that the opening title sequence shows the Sailor Guardians essentially fully nude. Yeah nothing is really visible, but still it seems inappropriate. Despite that annoyance I think the episode is way better than the final ones of the last season/series, or at least the Japanese dub is anyway. The original English dub is okay, but there are a lot of glaring changes that screw with an otherwise decent story. For example Chibi-Usa's added dialogue at the beginning is a little annoying. Also there is the problem of 'Shatner Pausing' line delivery by Mamoru's English voice actor.

   Questions! Is there going to be more 'Shatner Pausing' in this last series/season of the original English dub? Why did they (English production team) change the earrings for the Amazon know as Tiger? How is he an Amazon? Is that monster winged eyeball in constant pain? Is the lead baddie male or female? Why was Tiger voiced in the English dub by someone who sounded like they were not legal drinking age?


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