In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Super S Episode 2

  (Sarcasm) Great! (Sarcasm) We got one episode where the characters are cool, intelligent, and insightful before the reverse happens. Also I am not a fan of Pegasus being used as a cheap gimmick to defeat villains, especially when the only powerful Sailors are the Moon royals. My final two complaints are Motoki's unhealthy relationship being praised and Tiger's Eye giving off rapist vibes. The Motoki situation could have been fixed in a lot of ways including Motoki leaving with his girlfriend. While Tiger's Eye could just die at this point like I thought might happen in this episode.

  On the plus side I did like the different hair designs Usagi and Mamoru had during their phone call. Even though I think the dubs require one to understand a language during the Chibi-Usa sequence in the middle of said call. Cause the subtitles did nothing. Finally this episode is still better than the last few episodes of Sailor Moon S.

  Addendum/correction about Episode 1 opinion piece: I think I screwed up on noting Tiger's Eye's costume change swapped the earrings out. So the censoring of the dark and effeminate earrings apparently did not happen. Whoops!

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