In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Super S Episode 4

  Hours later and I still can't believe the phrase "Jolly Molly" was said in the original English dub. However, I am more disturbed the initial villains the Sailors have faced have come across as rapists, and in Hawk's Eye case a serial killer with a mother fixation. Also I think Molly (Original English version of Naru) is played dumber and written poorly in comparison to Naru. Course so is Melvin/Umino. Especially with how they should be more paranoid by now regarding being possible targets of the enemies of the Sailor Guardians. Though to be fair this episode has leader of the villains not setting an example of either Hawk's Eye (who deserved at least being punished for talking back) or Tiger's Eye (who could have been killed). I mean what kind of cold-hearted fictional evil-doing leader fails to keep their underlings fearful of them?


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