In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Super S Episode 5

  Why are they still doing the Chibi-Usa romantically desires Mamoru bit? It is unneeded and disgusting! Another problem this episode features is the waste of the Pegasus power-up to defeat a monster balloon. Said creature could probably have been defeated just with all the knives and/or the Moon Tiara. Heck, they could have written Ami in and had her freeze it. The final major problem I had with it is that they did nothing with Kobayashi's attraction to Saori. While the minor problems were that Mamoru's friends hadn't been to his place and there's no answer on the hippo vs horse issue.

  Overall this episode is mostly okay filler. However, it feels like it should was set before the previous episode where the Amazon Trio are threatened by their leader.


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