Ninjak Issue 18 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The main story has a few flaws in the art. One flaw is Gilad looking old and angular in appearance and another is the faces are not always of a similar design. Though the least noticeable visual flaw is Gilad's disappearing/reappearing facial hair. Overall Khari Evans does a serviceable job on the main story's art.
   As for the rest of the interior visual creatives (Andres, Chris, Ulises) they did good jobs on their respective parts. Though Andres could have been a bit less abrupt with the wind in "The Lost Files" section.

  Finally the writing by Matt Kindt is uneven in Ninjak's characterization. While Matt Kindt gives a decent plot for both stories it feels like future Colin King and Gilad are entirely different people from the present incarnations. Yes, people change but the Eternal Warrior has always been shown as less chatty and Future Colin is too flamboyantly gay old man here.

  My verdict: It was worth a single read at the least so I am recommending it.


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