Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Purple Dares Edition

1. Daredevil #88 from 1972 has a disconnect between the text and visuals. Said problem is mainly due to the overabundance of words, but the art also jumps forward in the sequence of actions.

2. The two parts of the Nightwing & Speedy feature "Rocks And Hard Places" from Action Comics Weekly #627 (1988). These two parts are mainly failures due to the lack of anything happening in both chapters. Also Nightwing and Speedy are beaten too easily and apparently let a woman die by drowning.

3. Dazzler #12 (1982) is flawed in the positioning of the a few letterboxes and word balloons. Also the script is severely flawed in several ways including Dazzler not using her mutant powers or intellect to save the day sooner.

4. The Cliff Cornwall feature originally printed in Flash Comics #1 (1940) and reprinted in Famous First Edition #F-8 (1975). Has a lot of good looking characters and zero idea of how planes work. Also very slapdash writing, especially in plot developments.


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