Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Telos Come Along Edition

Contains Spoilers! You have been warned.

1. Telos #3 (2015/2016) sees the classic villain Validus getting a horrible redesign at the end of this issue for no good reason. Oh and this like the other issues of Telos is absurdly decompressed.

2. Telos #4 (2015/2016) Has the super-smart brainiac acting like an idiot about a private conversation. Also Brainiac's daughter only finds out through said conversation she is as smart as him.

3. Telos #5 (2016) still fails to establish the titular character as having a real personality. Also the pointless and odd use of quotes continues. Finally the Zero Hour version of Parallax shows up wanting to kill the New 52 Hal Jordan for dating the New 52 Carol Ferris. Ugh!

4. Telos #6 (2016) just continues the unnecessary fighting between Telos and Parallax begun in issue 5.

  (I regret wasting two dollars on these four issues during a sale they are that poorly thought out.)


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