Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Hawkman Swipes Flash Gordon Edition

1. Avengers World #18 (2015) feels inaccessible in a "need to read a whole bunch of other issues" kind of way. Not to mention that Sunspot who has a lot of experience in being used and double-crossed fails to plan for yet another double-cross.

2. New Avengers #34.2 (2015) has the main and one-off characters displaying horrific and nonsensical nonverbal body language. Also the story has a weak plot, heroes being jerks for no reason, logic fails, and somewhat unrealistic dialogue.

3. New Avengers #31 (2015) has the same inaccessibility flaw as Avengers World #18 (2015).

4. The first Hawkman origin from Flash Comics #1 (January, 1940) feels and looks rushed in its various details. Example: Hawkman's helmet is constantly being redesigned from panel to panel. Also seems to have several possible art swipes from Flash Gordon stories published in that time period.


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