Omoikane and others please bless Good Morning Call Episode 1 Opinion Piece

Contains Spoilers For Episode 1 Of Good Morning Call!

  Note: The beginning of the header for this opinion piece series is done in good humor and not meant to be disrespectful in the slightest. Now on with the opinions!

  This episode provides a very accessible set-up for the school part of the series. Whether or not one has read the manga, seen the OVA, or attended only one type of school it is easy to relate too. Everyone has lived through at least one experience where social status held the highest importance.

  What is not as accessible is the scam that causes Nao and Uehara to become roommates? It just seems a bit contrived in some ways that they would even move into a place before the scam is revealed. Though I do like how faithful it seems to be to the source material (Which it is compared to in the closing credits). Also lost in translation is the "moving in" gift Nao gets from her friends and how it might be funny. (Course that may just be me not getting that one.) Overall though I was able to quickly develop an emotional and mental attachment to the show and characters.

  I do worry about suggesting it to people who generalize cultures based on fictional shows from/about said cultures. For example the use and mentions of milk and rolled cabbage in the show may be confused for a standard Japanese diet. Also the potential for PTSD sufferers to have a bout triggered by the tense atmosphere created when we (the audience) think Nao may be attacked near the end. She's not, but still there is potential for a triggered bout.

  Finally I love: How they do a bit of a slow-burn romance between Nao and Uehara. The final morning scene at the very end of this episode. Both the excellent use of lighting and most of the camera work.

   Questions! Does anyone else who watches this show think Konno has a bit of a female version of the iconic Moe Howard of the Three Stooges bowl cut going on? (Chic yet a little disarmingly odd from my view of things.) Can anyone tell me what logos are fake vs real? What happened to the girl who actually messaged Uehara?


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